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Machine Learning Software

We develop AI-driven platforms, create machine learning models and implement predictive analytics to simplify your daily life and business processes.

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Having experience in more than 15 industries we found out that there is no business that doesn’t need machine learning enhancement. We embed AI technologies in solutions across Exposit portfolio: HR, Design, Marketing & Advertising, Retail & Distribution, eCommerce, eLearning and other businesses’ purposes.

Challenges faced
Machine learning models covering a broad set of scenarios;
Visualization of any surfaces and coatings preserving geometry and lighting;
Mood & health tracking technology, adjusting to the user’s patterns;
Matching job seekers to open positions, matching startups with VCs, etc;
Shortening customer transaction cycle;
Radical personalization and per-user product recommendations;
Building chatbots capable of rich interactions between users and business;
Market analysis and forecasting and more.

Features your platform needs

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Optimal matchmaking

AI analyzes more than a hundred criteria matching different information objects like job seekers with open positions, startups with the best-suited VCs, etc.

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Media recognition and analysis

Pre-trained models automatically classify content like text and images to personalize customer experiences and make product recommendations.

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Semantic search tools

AI enhances search results quality. It strengthens online assistance, supports tagging, enrichment, the autocorrelation of internal and external information. 

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Score rating system

After weighing criteria and analyzing different information objects, AI assigns them a rating to predict potential success and manage risks.

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Smart Navigation and Advertising

AI analyzes visitor’s behavior for real-time campaign optimizations and more precise targeting towards an audience more likely to convert. 

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Augmented Reality

Integrating Augmented Reality helps to visualize any surfaces, coatings and objects. AR helps the Retail sector shorten customer transaction cycle.

Technologies used:
Computer Vision Frameworks:

 OpenCV, ARKit, Vision.

Machine Learning Frameworks

Keras, Tensorflow, Theano, MXNet, Caffe, CoreML, CNN and RNN neural networks.

Data Science Frameworks:

NumPy, Scikit

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