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    Retail Software Development Services

    We create custom feature-rich Retail solutions providing industry players with a continuous omnichannel sales process and ensuring personalized customer service driven by valuable operational insights.

    Reshape selling processes and improve store operations overcoming specific industry challenges:

    • Multichannel sales management;
    • Information overload;
    • Quality service of entire customer flow;
    • Sales data gathering and analytics;
    • Poor app performance;
    • Automation of integrated inventory and staff management;
    • Customization of the system meeting needs of a retailer.

    Creating software aligned to your sales strategy

    Online retail

    Today online retailers are facing a high demand for the personalization of buying experience and exploring new ways of audience retention. We help online retailers enhance the ways of selling products and collect actionable insights to provide their clients with smart shopping experiences.

    Offline retail

    These days shopping experience is turning to digital, making offline retailers implement solutions ensuring stable sales within changing conditions. We help to scale their business and establish an omnichannel sales strategy using e-commerce and PoS solutions.

    We know how to automate repetitive tasks, improve the quality of service, and streamline the level of your sales providing features tailored to your needs:

    Marketing tracking tools

    Analyzing big data, processing sales information, and monitoring real-time statistics to collect, visualize and study important insights for creating effective marketing campaigns.

    High level of usability

    Creating a responsive design based on easy navigation and intelligent recommendations to help your customers quickly find what they want, increasing engagement and personalization.

    Customer service

    Enhancing your sales strategy with loyalty programs, promotion systems, and virtual assistants to deliver client-focused service and stay connected with your customers 24/7.

    Integration with payment systems

    Providing your clients with various payment methods, including debit/credit cards, E-Wallets, and mobile money to ensure flexibility and secure and high-speed checkout.

    Warehouse management

    Tracking stock quantities in real-time, monitoring purchase orders, and managing all your users and vendors in one place to effectively maintain and optimize your assortment.

    PoS integration

    Creating a PoS system integrated with online sales channels to provide a continuous omnichannel sales process, shorten the customer transaction cycle, and scale your business.


    We combine deep tech expertise and a business-centered approach to development to deliver valuable Retail software solutions for solving your biggest challenges.

    Guiding you from the specific problem identification to complete tech solution delivery, our expert team helps you create valuable software focused on your strategic business goals.

    Explore how we helped our clients

    We know how to transform the shopping and sales experience, reach a new audience, provide your customers with a personalized experience, increase sales, and save your time and money to stay focused on your core business.

    See our cases in Retail to learn about our experience.