07.09.2021 / 17:01

The value of the knowledge-sharing culture in an IT company: our experience

The exchange of knowledge is an integral part of Exposit's corporate culture. So, what are the ways we share our background?

31.08.2021 / 17:32

How we use JIRA to structure the internal business processes of our customers

JIRA is a perfect tool for managing internal business procedures. But how can Exposit make the process of working with the software better?

24.08.2021 / 16:23

Virtual Reality as a tool of Making Healthcare More Accessible

VR is often associated with entertainment, but it also opens up new prospects for medicine. How can this technology make healthcare more accessible?

17.08.2021 / 15:53

Video Conferencing: does it make sense to create a custom solution if we have Zoom

Depending on your needs, you can choose a ready-made video conferencing solution for your business. But, what if you need something more than Zoom?

10.08.2021 / 16:43

Exposit design process steps: how to create perfect UI&UX

Exposit provides quality UI/UX services to create a unique app design for your specific audience. But what does this process look like?

03.08.2021 / 17:46

How to learn more about your visitors and keep their privacy: computer vision use case

To increase your sales, you need to study your clients in detail. But how can you get valuable data and keep your customers' privacy?

27.07.2021 / 16:29

Effective Atlassian-based ITSM: custom solution vs ready-made application

Both ready-made and custom Atlassian ITSM solutions can increase the effectiveness of your teams. But what option will be more suitable for you?

20.07.2021 / 16:22

How to choose the right Project Management: step-by-step guide for decision-makers

Project management is one of the most important components of your product development. How to choose the right way to coordinate your project?

13.07.2021 / 17:42

3 ways of your software idea evaluation: how to make smart investment

Idea testing will help you find the best way of creating your product and avoid waste of money. How can you check your project potential?

06.07.2021 / 16:51

5 reasons to use Unity for creating educational games

Unity is a powerful engine that can help you create systems aimed at educating and engaging your users. What are the benefits of using Unity?

29.06.2021 / 16:35

4 Levels of Software Testing: how to develop a reliable product

Software testing is crucial to the product development process. What testing stages should your system go through to get the best result?

22.06.2021 / 15:48

Java, please! Why Java is a perfect choice for creating Enterprise software

Java is a perfect tool for creating Enterprise software. What benefits can you get by choosing this programming language for your system?

15.06.2021 / 15:55

Why do you need to invest in Research & Development of your software product?

R&D is one of the key stages of creating new software products or improving existing ones. What benefits will you get from investing in it?

08.06.2021 / 15:48

Why AR and VR are the drivers of customer service improvement in 2021?

AR and VR solutions open up a wide range of opportunities for customer service. What benefits will you get from using these technologies?

01.06.2021 / 17:33

Computer Vision for Healthcare: 5 ways of getting actionable insights

Computer Vision is gaining momentum, penetrating a wide variety of areas. How can this technology be applied in medicine?

25.05.2021 / 17:07

What is the difference between Business Analytics and Data Science?

Data Science and Business Analytics may seem quite closely related to each other, in fact, they do not refer to the same concept. Let's make it clear.

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