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A lending platform with the unique credit scoring system.

1097Medical Records Software: MEDsafe

Personal health-record system for MedVision B.V.

6273AI Speech Emotion Recognition

AI-driven speech emotion recognition.

1090Computer Vision App: Wizart

Computer Vision app for visualizing finishing materials and creating interior designs.

5665Smart Flotation Monitoring: Computer Vision Solution

CV-driven automation of flotation process monitoring for mining and concentration equipment.

6815Bankish: Credit Scoring System

A core banking software with credit and deposit system.

5329Computer Vision Lighting: Reegeel

Computer Vision software for automatic placement of outdoor building lighting for Reegeel clients.

6996Business Financial Management Software: Tribal

A platform for corporate finance operations.

6295Computer Vision Audio to Text Converter

AI-powered automated call transcription.

6285Computer Vision Automatic License Plate Recognition

CV-driven car number plate detection.

1063Virtual Tour of a Synagogue

Visualization of the Synagogue aimed at the actualization of Jewish heritage.

5646Computer Vision System for ECG digitization

ECG computer vision system designed for cardiologists.

4181Media Streaming Solution: Football Coaching Software

Training system with game video capture, transformation and playback capabilities.

1083Football Video Analysis: Computer Vision Software

An automated video analytics system designed for football schools.

1099Process Management System: Exposit CREW

A corporate Web platform designed to improve the internal processes.

4135Time Tracking Software: TeamTrack

iOS and Android apps for time tracking area, API for ERP Oracle PeopleSoft.

1088Blood Pressure App for Android: arterio

A mobile application designed for blood pressure monitoring.

3919Media Asset Management Software: OMN

Large software product for solving various tasks in Media production management.

6264Artificial Intelligence in Tourism: Recommender System

A recommender system with personalized tourist destinations.

1105Mobile App Development: Aura Meditation App

AI-driven mobile app to control stress and anxiety.

3828Dog Virtual Game: Unity Development

A multi genre Unity game with a beagle as a main character.

4163Physical Therapy Software: Physiapp

Mobile app designed to help physical therapy patients recover faster.

1112Telemedicine Software Development: HealthOK

Application providing remote medical video consultation services.

4041Startup Development Funding: Aingel VC Matching

Development of VC Matching for an AI-driven platform with Aingel Corp.

1092Team Collaboration App: SaaS Platform Development

Corporate application for the rapid exchange of information between users.

1109Unity Game Development: Chicken Busters

Arcade game on behalf of the chicken hunter performing a clean-up task.

3905Retail Software Solution: Competitive Intelligence Tool

Web application for the regular control of the competitor’s prices.

3959Easy Airport Payment Solution: Mobile Development

Application designed for UK pilots and small airports.