During this project we have been working with Aingel Corp. that uses AI to help early-stage startups fundraise faster. Aingel’s matching algorithm generates a VC Score and a list of top matching investors who would most likely invest in a startup’s stage and space.

Aingel Corp. contracted Exposit to work on the Backend and Frontend development for Aingel’s VC Match and Deal Flow Analyzer. We have created supporting backend part and implemented UI for Aingel’s product, where the core AI, matching algorithms and UI were designed by Aingel itself.

P.S. The data was provided by Aingel under its agreement with Crunchbase.

Customer goal

  • Creating landing pages for startups and VCs;
  • Organization of the sign-up and data collecting procedure;
  • Adding data filtering functionality considering specific parameters (all investors ratings, keywords rating, location rating, etc.);
  • Adding ability to view basic information on venture capitalists (their location, round size, etc.);
  • Adding activities with investors (likes, thumbs up / down activity);
  • Development of an admin panel for Partners.


We developed sign-up landing pages for Aingel’s platform. Users registered providing detailed information about their startups, founders, and funding rounds.

The visualization module of Aingel’s VC list comes with customized analog sites, that include sign-up forms and people profiles (e.g., personal data, budgets, startup keywords, etc.). After processing data via filters all registered profiles go to the database, and then to Partners reports that are processed by the neural network.

All data (name, startup name, raise size, raise to date, Inception Score, VC report) can be found on the admin panel for partners, that was also developed by Exposit’s engineers. Here you can find any partner and view partner reports (VC list), compare partners, and access the master report.

Other useful features:

  • Integration with the Intercom messenger;
  • Display of location of investor portfolio (linking to Google Maps);
  • A link to each investor’s official website and size of investments;
  • Tracking users’ cursor interaction with application pages;
  • User training videos can be viewed by clicking on a special slider on the page.