Computer Vision Development Services 

Empower your business with the transformative potential of Computer Vision Development Services. Our expert team leverages cutting-edge technology to unlock valuable insights from images and videos, enabling you to make data-driven decisions like never before.

How Computer Vision Boosts Business Success

Computer Vision is a highly impactful solution in today’s dynamic business environment. Its revolutionary potential is reshaping the way businesses operate and succeed. Computer Vision Software Development can fulfill various objectives and tasks, opening up new horizons for company looking to enhance productivity and gain a competitive edge. 

Automated Quality Control

Computer Vision enables automated quality assurance processes in manufacturing, ensuring products meet stringent quality standards and reducing defects. 

Enhanced Customer Engagement

By analyzing customer behavior and preferences through CV, businesses can offer personalized recommendations and experiences, increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty. 

Inventory Optimization

Computer Vision helps in real-time inventory tracking, minimizing stockouts and overstock situations, leading to cost savings and improved supply chain management. 

Improved Risk Management

CV enhances risk management by incorporating facial recognition, anomaly detection, and monitoring capabilities, effectively safeguarding assets and personnel. 

Data-Driven Decision-Making

Computer Vision extracts valuable insights from visual data, empowering businesses to make informed decisions, identify trends, and strategize effectively. 

Process Automation

Automation of tasks such as document processing, image recognition, and object tracking through CV reduces human error, leading to cost savings and improved operational performance. 

Industries where we hold special expertise

Businesses are increasingly integrating Computer Vision into their operations to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, improve product quality, and offer better services. As CV technology continues to advance, its applications across various industries are likely to expand, offering even more opportunities for process optimization and innovation. 

How computer sees and understands the world

Computer Vision is a process that empowers computers to perceive and make sense of the visual world, much like how humans use their eyes to understand their surroundings. It involves the computer’s ability to analyze images and videos, identifying objects, people, and even emotions within them.

This process has diverse uses across industries, including self-driving cars, medical diagnostics, and security systems, where machines can use their “sight” to make informed decisions and enhance various tasks. 

Visual Data Analytics 

Access detailed reports and make informed decisions by gathering and analyzing essential information from photos and videos. 

Monitoring, Notifications

Improve processes through automated monitoring of objects and the environment with Computer Vision software, receiving real-time notifications for critical events. 

Content Digitization

Work with data in a user-friendly digital format for easy storage, research, sharing, and analysis. 

Visual Data Modification

Enhance visuals effortlessly with automated image and video editing, allowing you to add, remove, or modify objects as you need it. 

Delving Deeper into the Application of Computer Vision

Object Detection

Object Detection

Spotting specific objects in an image for precise business insights. 

Object Identification

Object Identification

Recognizing objects by their unique traits to gather data and make informed decisions. 

Object Classification

Object Classification

Grouping objects based on features to streamline data understanding and analysis.

Object Tracking

Object Tracking

Assigning IDs to tracked objects in videos for valuable insights using Computer Vision.

Scene Reconstruction

Scene Reconstruction

Building 3D scene models with objects for context simulations and idea testing. 

Event Detection

Event Detection

Identifying and categorizing events for data extraction and interpretation with Computer Vision software. 

Our Computer Vision software development services

Within our Computer Vision Software Development Services, we harness the latest and most advanced technologies and approaches to provide a holistic suite of solutions. Our team of experts specializes in leveraging computer vision to enable machines to interpret and understand the visual world, much like humans. We cover the entire spectrum of services, from computer vision consulting and prototyping to deploying solutions on AWS (MLOps) and developing machine learning solutions. 








Viso Suite






DIET – our approach to implementing healthy Computer Vision projects

DIET (Discovery, Ideation, Experiment, Transformation) is our structured and thorough approach to Computer Vision. This methodology ensures an in-depth exploration of project feasibility, a strategic selection of tools, meticulous testing, and the seamless integration of solutions.

By adopting DIET, we prioritize a robust understanding of the project’s potential, carefully select the most suitable tools for software development, subject the solution to rigorous testing, and ensure a smooth integration process. 


Discover and define uncertainties 


Explore and design solution 


Deliver a prototype and test the hypotheses 


Evolve and scale 

How You Benefit from the DIET Approach in Computer Vision Software Development

AI Suitability Assessment

AI Suitability Assessment

DIET allows for identifying and resolving potential challenges and uncertainties at the project’s outset. This early issue resolution minimizes the risk of encountering fundamental problems during the implementation phase, saving time and resources. 

Smart Investment

Smart Investment

The approach ensures that resources are allocated efficiently throughout the development process. By carefully selecting tools and conducting rigorous testing, the methodology maximizes the value of resources invested in Computer Vision projects. 

Alignment with Business Objectives

Alignment with Business Objectives

DIET prioritizes a thorough understanding of the project’s feasibility and alignment with your company’s goals. This ensures that the resulting Computer Vision solutions are not only technically sound but also strategically advantageous, contributing to your overall business objectives. 

How you can collaborate with us

We offer a variety of flexible ways to work together, allowing clients to choose the one that fits their needs best. Our approach can adapt to different preferences and the nature of each project. This means you can customize how we collaborate to suit your unique requirements. 

(1-2 ML Engineers)

CV consulting service, led by 1-2 expert ML Engineers, focuses on assessing the suitability of AI for clients’ unique business challenges. We provide personalized guidance, emphasizing a transparent project roadmap to empower clients with a clear understanding of AI’s applicability and potential impact on their operations. 

(Client-led Team)

In client-led engagement, clients build their team, including ML Engineers, Data Engineers, BAs, and others, as needed. There’s no dedicated Project Manager (PM); the client leads and manages the team’s efforts. 

(Full Cross-functional Team)

In the project format, a comprehensive team includes ML Engineers, Data Engineers, BAs, QA experts, and DevOps specialists. A dedicated Project Manager (PM) leads the team, ensuring efficient execution, meeting timelines, and maintaining quality control during Computer Vision Software Development. 

Success Stories

“Exposit you can trust not just to build complex, original work, but also support the developed product and ensure it thrives after release”.

  • Explore the Success Story of Reegeel

    Explore the Success Story of Reegeel

    Learn more about how an automatic placement of outdoor building lighting has simplified purchasing process and increased sales.

  • Explore the Success Story of ECG Digitization

    Explore the Success Story of ECG Digitization

    Learn more about how ECG digitization improved further data analysis and helped provide timely medical care, detecting abnormalities in ECG readings using CV. 

  • Explore the Success Story of Wizart

    Explore the Success Story of Wizart

    Learn more how a Computer Vision-driven solution solved the imagination gap challenge and helped retailers boost sales, by making customers satisfied with their choice.

Why Choose Exposit

Clear and Efficient Roadmap

Our well-defined roadmap ensures clarity, quality, and speed, aligning expectations and explaining the workflow and associated investments to clients. 

AI Consultation

We offer expert consultations to help clients understand how AI can enhance their business and determine if AI is a necessary component for their specific needs. 

Visual Data Expertise

With extensive experience working with complex visual data, we bring a unique skill set to tackle challenging visual analysis tasks. 




In-house employees


Completed projects for SMBs and Enterprises


Own CV-based product released

Our clients and what they say about Exposit

They have hands-on project management that provides daily communication. The team also provides stable project teams.

James Pursaill

CTO, Plend

Exposit’s specialists welcome a challenge, and they don’t look for easy solutions. While it is customary for consultants to completely dismiss the work you have already done and propose a solution of their own, the Exposit team took the more difficult approach of taking what we had and making it better.

Rada Ryzhykava

Head of Department & Product Owner, Bamboo Group OÜ

Exposit has been our development partner for more than 3 years. They are doing a great job developing our digital platforms that are helping millions of refugees all over the world.

Alexander Bugge


View more proven positive testimonials from clients across different industries, with various projects’ complexity and expertise.

How to start project with Exposit

Reach Out to Us

Contact us and explore Exposit Computer Vision Software Development Services. Share your project details and objectives with our team. 

Get Consultation

Our experts will schedule a meeting to discuss your project in-depth. We’ll explore how AI can benefit your company and answer any questions. 

Get Cost Estimation

After the consultation, we’ll provide you with a detailed project cost estimate tailored to your needs. 

Start Project

Once you’re satisfied with the estimate and plan, we’ll begin working on your project, keeping you informed and involved at every stage for a successful outcome. 

How does Computer Vision Software Development work?

Computer Vision Software Development involves training machines to interpret and understand visual data, like images or videos, by processing and analyzing visual information using machine learning algorithms and techniques. 

To build a computer vision system I need lots of data. Where do I get them?

You typically require a substantial amount of data for Computer Vision Software Development. Data can be sourced from publicly available datasets, client-specific data, or generated through data collection efforts such as image annotation and labeling. 

How does R&D product development work?

R&D product development involves researching and developing activities to create innovative solutions or products. Computer Vision Consulting Firm often conducts ideation, experimentation, prototype development, testing, and product refining before launch. 

How does Computer Vision Software Development differ from traditional image processing?

Computer Vision Software Development differs from traditional image processing by not just manipulating images but also understanding their content. It involves machine learning algorithms that can recognize objects, patterns, and even make decisions based on visual data. 

What’s Computer Vision Software Development cost?

The cost of computer vision projects varies widely based on project complexity, scope, and requirements. Expenses depend on data acquisition, model development, and infrastructure. 

What computer vision app can you develop?

Exposit can develop a wide range of computer vision apps, including those for object detection, image recognition, facial recognition, video analysis, and more, tailored to specific business needs. 

What domains do you work with?

Exposit computer vision software company works across various domains, including construction, mining, oil and gas, satellite imagery, sports analytics, consulting, surveillance, signal processing, and recommender systems, among others. 

My project requires work with sensitive data. How do you ensure data privacy?

Exposit services ensures data privacy through adherence to ISO 27001 accreditation standards, implementing robust data protection measures, and maintaining strict confidentiality agreements with clients during Computer Vision Software Development.

What are the key stages of a computer vision-based project?

The key stages of a computer vision-based software at Exposit follow the DIET approach: Discovery, Ideation, Experiment, and Transformation. This involves understanding the client’s goals, exploring solutions, conducting experiments, and executing the project while addressing uncertainties at each stage.