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    Healthcare Software Development Services

    We develop human-centered HealthTech solutions contributing to healthcare interoperability, boosting the patient experience, and ensuring effective working processes for medical organizations.

    Improve healthcare delivery overcoming specific industry challenges:

    • Resource-intensive paperwork;
    • Care mobility and scalability;
    • Regulatory compliance;
    • Insufficient focus on patients;
    • Servicing people with disabilities;
    • Private data vulnerability;
    • Specific customization needs.

    Understanding needs of the key personas in the Healthcare industry:


    We make software suitable for people with disabilities considering the specific needs of every user you serve to ensure seamless access to quality care and intuitive, easy, and secure self-monitoring of health records.

    Healthcare institutions and specialists

    Due to the pandemic, care providers are facing health-related and economic challenges. We help Healthcare decision-makers implement relevant services and software solutions with a long-term perspective ensuring quality care, costs optimization, and patient centricity.

    We know how to improve operational efficiency and achieve better healthcare outcomes, providing features tailored to your needs:

    Access control

    Providing multi-factor authentication, automatic logs off, data encryption and decryption, recording hardware and software activities to ensure security and control access to clinical data.

    Compliance with implementation standards

    Preparing your product for technical and security audit in compliance with GDPR GDPR, HL7 FHIR, MedMij, DICOM, and other healthcare standards to provide secure processing of sensitive data.

    Workflow automation

    Automating your workflows to speed up the process of document exchange and filling in data without the participation of doctors. The existence of templates will also save time and increase your staff productivity.

    Data tracking and visualization

    Collecting data from medical devices and displaying it in a convenient graphical form to track and monitor medical records and quickly respond to changes in health status.

    Communication tools

    Providing effective remote communication to deliver the right care on time: scheduling appointments, getting online consultations and prescriptions, making a to-do list, and using chatbots for self-diagnostics.

    Compatibility with mobile devices

    Ensuring stable app performance on wearable devices and integrating with built-in health systems like Apple Health and social networks to support care mobility and multichannel access to personal care.

    HIS/RIS/PACS Integration

    Integrating your system with HIS, RIS, PACS to ensure trouble-free access to sensitive data across various information systems and imaging management within the healthcare delivery network.


    We combine deep tech expertise and a business-centered approach to development to deliver valuable Healthcare software solutions for solving your biggest challenges.

    Guiding you from the specific problem identification to complete tech solution delivery, our expert team helps you create valuable software focused on your strategic business goals.

    Explore how we helped our clients

    We know how to bring digital transformation to the Healthcare industry providing you with telemedicine platforms, apps for wearables, patient portals, EMR/EHR, smart AI-driven analytics, and equipment management systems.

    Check out our custom healthcare software solutions to learn more about our experience.