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For those who value their time and wish to get the most out of their resources. Machine Learning gives your business the edge and scale that can make all the difference in an increasingly competitive global market. Whatever your domain or level of expertise – we will help you make a quantum leap with our tailor-made solutions. 

Machine Learning is here to help

ML services and solutions come in all shapes and sizes. Whether it’s data processing, manufacturing, fraud detection or predictive analytics – a well-trained model and a properly prepared dataset can give your business the breakthrough it deserves.  

Automate routine work

When you’re understaffed, delegate time-consuming, low-priority tasks like data collection, reporting, or monitoring to the ML model.  

Bring order to unstructured data

The busier you get, the more information piles up and becomes a mess of numbers and names. A well-tuned ML algorithm can do the dirty work of structuring and cataloging, and it doesn’t get tired or complain. 

Discover hidden potential

You have a wealth of information lying dormant in your materials: from client invoices to quarterly reports, deep analysis performed by ML models can reveal hidden patterns that help you make decisions based on data, not just your intuition.  

Enhance customer engagement

Of course, nothing can replicate the human touch, but ML is the next best thing. Lightning-fast analysis of user data helps you find the perfect approach to each client and make them feel extra welcome, while constantly improving recommendation algorithms will make sure they keep coming back. 

Improve your marketing efficiency

Your ideal customer is real, and ML can help you find them. By analyzing existing business data, ML can deduce your perfect customer profile and reach out to them with more specific, personalized messages. It’s fast, it’s proven, it’s cost-effective. 

Use the past to tell the future

ML takes historical data analysis to the next level. It doesn’t just help you explain market trends and customer behavior – it helps you predict them, saving you vast amounts of time, money, and efforts 

You are welcome here

The beauty of Machine Learning is in its versatility. No matter how big or small your business is, you can harness the power of ML to solve complex daily tasks, maximize the utility of your data and resources, or discover new paths to optimizing and scaling your activities.  

What is Machine Learning and why is it important?

To put it simply, Machine Learning is just that – learning. Only the student is made not of flesh and bone, but of ones and zeroes. A computer is taught to perform various tasks without using specific code or explicit commands – the system itself learns how to find patterns, recognize objects, or make conclusions simply by receiving and processing vast amounts of reference material. Just as a human being learns by observing and comparing, the Machine Learning model collates data of all types (images, text, audio samples, etc.) to detect similarities or differences.

This serves many goals which stem from two primary functions – classification and prediction. Give the model enough pictures of toys, and it will be able to scan and identify how fast stock at your store gets sold (or which products are more popular than others). Feed it enough text messages from different chat exchanges, and it will offer you complete sentences after you type a single word, thus saving you time and optimizing communication with your coworkers.  

Tabular Data

Analysis helps predict business trends, such as price fluctuations, buying habits, subscriber churn, and work out specifics of recommendation systems.


Various techniques are applied to identify languages, parts of speech, sentiments, or emotional connotations.

Audio content

Audio processing involves collecting real-world signals from detectors and subsequent processing and conversion into classifiable text (e.g. in text-to-speech systems) or actionable commands (e.g. in voice assistants). 

Static images and video

Machine Learning is an integral part of systems for facial recognition, text and sign recognition, object identification, and object detection.

Diving into Machine Learning

Deep Learning

Deep Learning

Deep Learning involves modeling high-level abstractions in data using multi-layered neural networks. This is widely applied in computer vision for image and speech recognition, autonomous vehicles, and healthcare diagnostics. 

Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing

NLP focuses on the interaction between computers and human language, enabling applications to understand, interpret, and generate human-like text for more natural interaction. It’s extensively used in chatbots, sentiment analysis, and language translation services. 

LLM Product Development

LLM Product Development

LLM (Language Model) Product Development creates sophisticated language models for applications like chatbots, virtual assistants, and language translation services. These models find applications in customer service, language translation, and content generation. 



GenAI develops generative models within artificial intelligence, producing creative and valuable outputs, such as realistic and novel data, images, or text. Applications include content creation, art generation, and text summarization. 

Data Science

Data Science

Data Science services use machine learning algorithms to extract insights from diverse datasets, covering tabular data, text, audio content, and static images and videos. It’s applied in finance for fraud detection, in healthcare for personalized medicine, and marketing for customer segmentation. 

Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics utilizes machine learning algorithms to forecast future trends and behaviors based on historical data, aiding businesses in proactive decision-making. This is widely used in e-commerce for demand forecasting, in finance for risk management, and in healthcare for patient outcomes prediction. 

What we can do for you

Our ML team will help you achieve your goals with swiftness, efficiency, and comfort. We always strive to be up to speed on the latest developments in tech, and we are well-versed in all major development tools. We don’t do it because it’s lucrative, we do it because we love it.  




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How we work

We work in an innovative field, and we aim to innovate in kind. To handle every challenge that comes our way, we have developed our own method – DIET.

At every stage of the process we keep the client apprised with constant status updates and consultations. Here’s what it’s all about:  

D is for Discovery

We start with a thorough investigation into the client’s business to get a clear and comprehensive view of what we’re working with. All of our findings are compiled in a user-friendly dashboard that gives an estimation of project metrics and potential project expenses.  

I is for Ideation

Having collected relevant data from the client, we select the proper methods and tools to solve existing issues and reach desired goals. Using publicly available datasets, we build a prototype for the Machine Learning model we find optimal. When it proves to be viable, we build a clear project roadmap with designated milestones and subtasks.  

E is for Experiment

Having received workable data from the client, we subject it to a series of rigorous tests and trials to make sure our solution actually works and solves the client’s problems. This is also a decisive moment for the whole project – we either confirm that the model is viable and move on to full-on integration into the client’s infrastructure, or we conclude that it won’t work.

T is for Transformation

This is where we stop searching and start doing. Once we have confirmed our model’s efficiency and gotten the green light from the customer, we start front- and backend development, deploy the model in the client’s environment, then observe its operation and make ongoing performance improvements. 

How You Benefit from the DIET Approach in Machine Learning Software Development

AI Suitability Assessment

AI Suitability Assessment

DIET allows for identifying and resolving potential challenges and uncertainties at the software project’s outset at the consulting stage. This early issue resolution minimizes the risk of encountering fundamental problems during the implementation phase, saving time and resources. 

Smart Investment

Smart Investment

The approach ensures that resources are allocated efficiently throughout the development process. By carefully selecting tools and conducting rigorous testing, the methodology maximizes the value of resources invested in AI software projects. 

Alignment with Business Objectives

Alignment with Business Objectives

DIET prioritizes a thorough understanding of the project’s feasibility and alignment with your company’s goals. This ensures that the resulting AI software solutions are not only technically sound but also strategically advantageous, contributing to your overall business objectives. 

Choose your path

We propose various models of cooperation to best suit our clients’ needs.

The guest star

Our specialists perform a comprehensive analysis of your ongoing project to reveal bottlenecks and pitfalls. Based on this discovery process, they provide guidance and helpful information to improve your performance and help your team level up.  

The joint venture

Our specialists join your team and follow your lead. If necessary, they share their expertise and propose ways of improving/optimizing the workflow.  

The full package

We take care of the whole development cycle, from research to final version. You give us the go-ahead, we give you the solutions. 

Success Stories

“Exposit you can trust not just to build complex, original work, but also support the developed product and ensure it thrives after release”.

  • Explore the Success Story of Wizart

    Explore the Success Story of Wizart

    Learn more how a Computer Vision-driven solution solved the imagination gap challenge and helped retailers boost sales, by making customers satisfied with their choice.

  • Explore the Success Story of Audio to Text Converter

    Explore the Success Story of Audio to Text Converter

    Learn more about how Machine Learning helped to relieve the burden of remembering all the information people interact with during the day, increases the efficiency of work conversations, and consequently improves the business process.

  • Explore the Success Story of Football Analytics

    Explore the Success Story of Football Analytics

    Learn more how a Computer Vision-driven analytics helped create individual football training programs and increase the involvement of students’ parents using the exact statistics and measurements.

Why Choose Exposit ML Software Consulting and Development Services

Clear and Efficient Roadmap

Our approach is built on a well-defined roadmap, ensuring quality and speed. It aligns expectations and outlines the process, making it easier for clients to understand the workflow and required investments. 

Proven ML Expertise

With experience in the industry and our proprietary product, Wizart, we have the tools and know-how to quickly and effectively visualize your ideas in a sofware. Our capabilities allow us to bring your vision to life efficiently. 

Consultation for AI Integration

We offer ML consulting services to help clients understand how Machine Learning can benefit their business and whether it is necessary for their specific needs. Our consultations ensure you make informed decisions about incorporating ML into your operations. 




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Their project management style is very hands-on with lots of back and forth communication every day.

James Pursaill

CTO, Plend

Exposit has been our development partner for more than 3 years. They are doing a great job developing our digital platforms that are helping millions of refugees all over the world.

Alexander Bugge


They’re very excited about the growth and success of our company. It’s not just a job to them. They feel like a part of the team. Special thanks for the transparency and diligent work of the engineers. Deliveries were very solid and timely.

Hans Oberholzer


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How to Start Project With Exposit Machine Learning Development Company

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Contact us and explore Exposit Machine Learning software consulting and development Services. Share your project details and objectives with our team. 

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Our experts will schedule a meeting to discuss your project in-depth. We’ll explore how ML consulting and development services can benefit your company and answer any questions. 

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