Brief answers to commonly asked questions about cooperation with Exposit.

What does Exposit company specialize in?

What does Exposit company specialize in?

Exposit is a software development company delivering custom web, mobile and enterprise software focusing on Retail, Healthcare, Visualization and Media Streaming solutions with advanced Computer Vision functionality.

Where is Exposit based and what timezone is it in?

Exposit is an Europe-based company located in Gdansk, Poland in UTC +2 time zone. 

What is your technology stack?

Our team is skilled in:

  • Frontend development: JavaScript, Angular, React, Vue, etc.
  • Backend development: Java, PHP, Node.js, Python, etc.
  • Mobile development: Swift, Kotlin, React Native, Flutter, etc.
  • E-Commerce development: Hybris, Magento, Laravel, WooCommerce, Salesforce.
  • Games & Visualization software development: Unity 3D, Game Maker Studio, ARKit.
  • Machine Learning & Computer Vision development: Keras, Tensorflow, Theano, MXNet, Caffe, CoreML, CNN and RNN neural networks, OpenCV, ARKit, Vision.
How can I start to work with Exposit?

Contact us to share your questions, project idea or project requirements. Additionally, you can share the following information: 

  • the concept of technical specification for your project; 
  • schedule if it is needed; 
  • the number of engineers and their required skills if you need to integrate specific resources to refine the functionality or want to enforce a distributed team.
What cooperation models do you offer?

We offer Project Development & Development Team cooperation models to achieve the best results.

Project Development: Time & Material and Fixed price models of cooperation if you have an idea of developing a project from scratch. Fixed Price model is suitable for guaranteed predictability of costs and schedule. Time&Material model is perfect for Agile development and effective responses to changes in requirements.

Development Team for deeply integrating our experts into your project team.

What does your production process look like?

We use an international production process based on the SDLC process best practices that can include the following stages:

  • Analysis
  • Research & Development
  • Design
  • Software Development
  • Quality Assurance
  • Software Integration
  • Support

Within iterations, we widely use efficient Agile/SCRUM techniques by continuously communicating, reviewing, building and deploying.

How can I monitor and control project development progress?

Our clients can access Project Management, Issue Tracking, Version Control Systems and Test planning within their projects that makes our development process transparent and controlled.

Our Process Automation software reflecting production processes provides effective communication and data sharing. There you can specify, discuss and control tasks and team participants, operate with process status, control important project parameters and store all related information in a centralized way.

If you need, we can adjust processes to your company’s established PM tools for easy team collaboration

Do you provide post-development support?

Yes, the terms of providing post-development support vary depending on the cooperation model. Each Fixed price project development implies the warranty period when our specialists ensure the stability and high-quality work of the developed software solution.

Post-development support within other cooperation models can be provided by agreement.

How do you protect my company’s confidential information?

We work according to GDPR standards and never share information about our clients or use it as references without getting their explicit approval in advance. Before you turn your project over to Exposit, you can sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement if you need to. It legally requires us to hold all of your business information in the strictest confidence.

Where can I read some feedback on your work?

You may find our clients’ references on Clutch or DesignRush, or request PDF references on related projects from our Sales Manager after getting in touch with us. Exposit also maintains lists of previous and current clients who are willing to speak with our potential clients about our services on demand.