We are a team of solution-oriented IT specialists who bring digital transformation to your business and daily life.

We know how to translate ideas into custom software solutions meeting the priority needs of our clients.




Projects done


Years of average tech leaders’ expertise


In-house employees

Vasili Yavorchuk
Vasili Yavorchuk
Chief Executive Officer
Dmitri Kuchinski
Dmitri Kuchinski
Chief Operations Officer
Tatiana Kedel
Tatiana Kedel
Chief Financial Officer
Ekaterina Smirnova
Ekaterina Smirnova
Chief Human Resources Officer
Kirill Lozovoi
Kirill Lozovoi
Head of ML Service Line
Eugene Lapta
Eugene Lapta
Head of Software Development Unit
Arina Karataeva
Arina Karataeva
Head of Marketing
Kirill Abramov
Kirill Abramov
Head of Sales

Four pillars of our work



Exposit gathers together high-qualified specialists passionate about solving complex business challenges using custom software solutions.
Thanks to the strong community and culture of knowledge exchange, you collaborate with a professional software development team sharing the same values and experience since 2012.



Solving your IT challenges is our main priority. Our production and administrative processes are carefully configured to quickly respond to your requests and provide the results you expect without blowing your mind. We follow information security management and quality policy and standards to achieve the key objectives in IS and quality within our company and partnerships with clients.



We have successfully completed more than 275 Web and Mobile projects continuously accumulating tech and domain experience in our competence centers. Today, we provide our customers with top-performing service lines and deliver high-value solutions based on expertise in Computer Vision, Gamification & Visualization, Media Streaming, and Atlassian.



Our clients run unique businesses using individual approaches. We make collaboration with Exposit comfortable for your business, offering 3 models of cooperation suitable for different project needs. We are willing to go on a business trip to provide consultation, take part in short-term training, or learn about your business in detail.



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