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Computer Vision Software

We develop custom AI-driven software solutions creating smart algorithms for advanced image and video analysis from scratch.

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App areas

Computer vision systems open new ways of visual data understanding and analysis across different industries including Retail, Sport & Healthcare, Marketing, Interior Design, Agriculture, Media & Entertainment, Construction, Public Safety, Transportation and more.

Challenges faced
Compatibility with diverse camera types;
Analysis in changing conditions and context;
Slow processing of big amounts of visual data;
Low-quality datasets;
Large neural network sizes;
Understanding of comprehensive scenes.

Features your platform needs

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Image recognition

Objects detection and optical character recognition to help your system better understand the context and improve business processes.

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Content analysis

Classification, segmentation, clustering and image feature extraction to accelerate data analysis and enhance data understanding.

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Video analysis

Real-time recognition, description and categorization of moving objects, actions and scenes for smart data extraction and interpretation.

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Object tracking

Real-time multi-object motion capturing and behavior analysis to easily read body language and understand valuable insights.

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Image visualization

2D and 3D visualization based on data analysis to experience context simulations, create composite sketches and test ideas.

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Visual matchmaking

Smart visual search and object matching to effectively process large amounts of data and provide personal recommendations.

Technologies used:
Programming languages:


Computer Vision technologies:

Tensorflow, Keras, OpenCV

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