Chicken Busters is an easy but interesting arcade inspired by good old Moorhuhn. A player is going to visit different locations, performing a clean-up task.

The game on behalf of the chicken hunter consists of several levels. Each level represents a specific location. A player could peek in the Exposit office, take a walk in the forest and even explore space. During levelling up a player score points and earn coins that allow him or her to buy upgrades, unlock new locations and gain achievements.

Customer goal

Unity game development from scratch, testing and publication on Google Play.


Our team has developed an arcade game on Unity, the main goal of which is to eliminate as many chickens as possible and, accordingly, score as many points as possible.

Implemented functionality:

  • various thematic levels including Exposit office, forest, etc.;
  • ability to play and compete with friends for the best record;
  • 360 degree gyro control;
  • various improvements including aim brushing up, double points and so on;
  • secret objects for each location, the destruction of which can help to earn additional coins and time or decreases points;
  • boss chicken with a health counter for every level.