Aura is a mindfulness meditation app to control stress and anxiety, driven by artificial intelligence and machine learning approaches. The mobile app provides users with personalized guided meditations depending on their mood and emotional state. There is also an opportunity to enjoy unguided meditations with nature sounds.

Customer goal

In 2018 around 74% of people felt so stressed that they were unable to cope with their anxiety. Experiencing stress on a regular basis undermines mental health by causing depressions, bad habits and adverse behavioral effects. Symptoms of stress can include irritability and anger (45%), lack of motivation (38%) and anxiety (36%) as well as lead to high blood pressure and heart diseases.

Mindfulness meditation is one of the most effective ways to overcome high stress levels showing reduced symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder 73% of the time. These factors led our customer to the creation of an AI-powered mobile meditation app on the basis of iOS platform.


Our Team developed a mobile app designed to track users’ mood and any improvements that happen over time to keep their mind and body healthy.

App users can easily access different kinds of meditations via Google+, Facebook or e-mail. Every user can subscribe to favorite meditation channels available in the app to make the mindfulness experience more focused. Aura has an auto-renewable subscription option that makes the user experience smooth disabling ads and unlocking all extra features. Thanks to interactive dashboard users can see their progress in meditations and emotional state improvement.

We implemented Machine Learning technology that helps Aura to algorithmically choose the most effective meditation program according to individual parameters set. It makes user experience personalized and helps to serve the emotional state more efficiently. Users only need to choose three-to-ten minute meditation and answer a few questions about their experience.

Users can also make a convenient meditation schedule specifying the time for weekends. We also implemented smart push notifications to help Aura remind users about the time when their body and mind need to recharge. Notifications include reminders for mindful breathers to stay focused.

When the development was completed, Exposit engineers experienced mindfulness meditations using Aura and noted that their stress level significantly decreased.


  • Sign-up via Google+, Facebook or email;
  • Meditation channels subscribe;
  • Auto-renewable subscription;
  • Interactive visualization dashboard;
  • Gratitude journal;
  • Push notification;
  • Scheduling meditations;
  • AdMob Banner Ads and Pop-up Ads;
  • Integration with Apple Health.