A custom web-based health record system for MedVision B.V designed for doctors and their patients. The system provides a convenient way of keeping full health-related information (medical treatments, contacts, social history, health problems, scheduled healthcare activities, self-measurements etc.) in one place and retrieves patients’ data from mobile and clinical devices, wearables and connected applications.

Customer goal

The information gap remains one of the biggest challenges for healthcare providers and their patients. According to the survey, 32% of individuals who visited a doctor at least once in the past 12 months experienced problems in information exchange. Lack of interoperability causes about 1 out of 20 patients to reschedule appointments with doctors because of unavailability of prior data. The information gap combined with inaccurate reporting of health records decrease the quality of healthcare and patient centricity.

Our Dutch partner decided to provide a solution that will meet the needs of healthcare providers and their patients to improve the way clinics store and exchange medical data.


Our healthcare specialists developed a health-record web app from scratch that helps to store, manage and share medical measurements within a single platform. This platform is easy to use for both doctors and their patients providing communication on treatments and care plans between two parties.

This Health-record system provides authorization via Google and Dutch DIGID for easy and secure access to sensitive data. Doctors and their patients can create, store and manage medical measurements, care plans and other health-related data but there is also the admin role for system management. If users want to discuss care plans together with their families and doctors, they can invite them to their network.

Thanks to compliance with HL7 standard users can easily share and retrieve medical data from other healthcare organizations (hospitals, pharmacies, etc.) and services like Google Fit or Apple healthkit. It helps to improve the interoperability between different care providers and healthcare information systems.

We used Continuous Integration and Deployment in the software development process to optimize efficiency and achieve excellent quality.

MEDsafe is a safe and secure EHR and EMR application thanks to FHIR based storage and limited access to users’ data. The project meets all “OWASP Top 10 Recommendations” and is Information security management certified (ISO 27001), Dutch information security management standard certified (NEN 7510), MedMij certified and also certified for Medical Devices (ISO 13485).


  • Authorization (including auth via Google and Dutch DIGID);
  • Network management from patients’ side;
  • Creation and management of care plans;
  • Creation and management of healthcare goals and tasks;
  • Booking appointments with a doctor;
  • Creation, storing, fetching from hospitals medical measurements;
  • Push notifications;
  • Measurements management.