Arterio is a mobile application for heart patients made by Exposit. Our solution allows users to monitor blood pressure and view key measurement statistics in one place. Patients can easily observe health dynamics and share the latest measurement data with their doctors that helps them timely seek treatment at medical centers and get the most appropriate medication.

Customer goal

More than half of all strokes and heart attacks are caused by high blood pressure that is also a risk factor for heart diseases, kidney diseases, and vascular dementia. Only about 24% of U.S. adults have their hypertension under control while measuring blood pressure on a regular basis is an essential step in preventing high blood pressure. Hypertension treatment and control rates in Europe are even lower.

Access to regular blood pressure readings can help heart patients avoid risks by making more informed decisions on medicine prescriptions required for hypertension management. However, according to the field studies, around 75% of clinics use manual paper logs for their patients that contain reporting bias affecting up to 50% of all BP self-measurements.

Exposit team carefully studied the problem of blood pressure monitoring and decided to develop a mobile software solution that would provide heart patients with a convenient way of making timely log measurements and reduce the risks of heart attacks.


Our Team developed a Healthcare solution designed to meet the specific needs of heart patients and make their lives easier and safer. Our app allows recording, monitoring, managing and sharing blood pressure measurements data using easy navigation.

We started this project with identifying our target audience and interviewing cardiologists to outline specifications and primary needs of both patients and doctors. Then, we created 4 different personas and 4 empathy maps.

After detailed analysis, we identified the main challenges of our target audience: lack of experience in using software products and measuring errors. We started the development of design prototypes considering the app onboarding process and specific needs of our personas (such as font readability) included into the customer journey map. Thanks to the human-centered approach, the interface of our app is suitable for all groups of users including aged people.

We implemented the ability to connect to an electronic blood pressure monitor to automate the recording of measurements and reduce human errors during data entry. The application uses Bluetooth protocol for wearable device connection and data transfer ensuring security of personal sensitive data. Users can also add pressure measurements manually, if needed.

Visual representation of blood pressure trends helps to enhance data understanding and quickly see the user’s health status and dynamics. Users can easily access previous measurement data at any time and share it with their doctors to get the required treatment timely. Doctors can also use key data to make more informed decisions on medication prescriptions to improve care quality.


  • Recording blood pressure measurement data both manually and via a connected device;
  • Saving blood pressure measurement data to the archive;
  • Measurement data editing function;
  • Graphs creation.