Wow Dog

A multi genre Unity game with a beagle as a main character.
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Wow Dog is a dog owner simulator that allows you to treat, feed, wash the dog and play with it, as well as to take part in online exhibitions. You can participate in Wow Dog Show to show your clever, educated and beloved dog around the world. The main goal of the game is to raise the best dog in the world and win every competition.


Unity game development from scratch, manual testing. 



Our team has developed a virtual Unity-based pet game from scratch. It is a pet owner simulator that allows you to care of a beagle. All the implemented functionality has been covered by manual tests including functional (black box testing), localization and usability testing.

Implemented functionality:

  • Ability to care for a dog (you can wash, feed, put to sleep and play);
  • Exhibition mini game - ability to take part in competitions and earn coins;
  • Different levels of difficulty;
  • Ability to spend earned coins on the new clothes.

Planned functionality:

  • Wow Dog Selfie that allows its user to photograph the best moments of the game and share them with friends in social networks;
  • Wow Dog Chat that allows user to communicate with the dog on any topics. Users can write different questions and receive funny answers sharing stickers, stories and compliments. Answers can be shared with friends.

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Technologies used:

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