An application for the global managed staffing and services company, which is internally using Oracle ERP-system – PeopleSoft. All the employees use mobile applications to track their working time, prepare and send their supervisors timesheets, and supervisors, in turn, can approve or reject timesheets. There is also an option to register the time of coming to the workplace, taking food and leaving the workplace.

Web-application gives an opportunity to see the map of users’ routes, as well as his subordinates’ routes, the chronological order of visited places and dates of visits. The analytics allows receiving a report on the number of hours spent at a certain address on the selected date, as well as the time spent on a driveway, customers, office work, eating, etc.

Customer goal

The main purpose of the applications is to simplify users’ interaction with PeopleSoft system in time tracking area, to use system functionality in an intuitive mobile application. The application should also track a user’s device location, sending this information to the server.

The user can turn off and on the location tracking. When the function is enabled, tracking is performed only during the set working time.

The supervisor can track employee routes, checkpoints visits or time spent on the road in generated reports. The application allows the monitoring of work activity, employees location, plan execution and also facilitates reporting.


Exposit specialists have completed business analysis, investigated PeopleSoft system features, developed client mobile applications (iOS, Android), PeopleSoft API and Web application.

Mobile applications allow employees and supervisors using time-tracking options on the mobile devices and also track device location and send it to the server.

API is used to exchange the data with PeopleSoft system, receive and record user locations and information status. Java based web application displays routes and reports on the particular employee or department, using Your timeline service, provided by Google Maps.