A corporate Web platform designed to improve the internal processes of the company, including the work processes of the HR, Sales, PM departments, and TOP managers.

The platform gives employees of the company access to profiles of their colleagues providing contact details, information about experience and skills, ongoing projects, interests and so on. The platform also speeds up the onboarding process for new employees, giving them an opportunity to quickly and easily get acquainted with the team, learn information about the company’s organizational structure, find the necessary contact details (e-mail, skype, phone).


Project development from scratch: from idea, requirements gathering and design to testing of the implemented functionality.


We have developed a corporate Web platform that has improved the internal processes of HR, Sales, PM departments and TOP managers, as well as speeded up the adaptation of new company employees. The platform interface is available to employees after authorization in the system. When employees are authorized in the system for the first time, they need to fill out the information about themselves, including photos, contact details, birth date, position, skills, interests and so on. After the information is filled out, it will be available to each of the company’s employees.

Currently, the following functionality is implemented:

  • Authentication using AD credentials;
  • Viewing general profile information;
  • Populating/Editing of the general profile information;
  • Profile menu;
  • Employees search by names;
  • Employees Catalog.

All functionality was covered by manual tests, including functional, non-functional (UI + Usability) and Black box testing.