Application designed for UK pilots and small airports.

There are a lot of airports (up to 900) and many private small aircrafts in the UK. When pilots are going to set off, they call to the airport and give information about their arrival. Upon arrival, they go to pay for the landing and parking. The price depends on the type of aircraft and the number of passengers.

Now both the boarding notice and payment are completely offline, i.e. to pay, you need to do a lot of paperwork. The British pilot thought that it is possible to transfer this process to online and send boarding notifications to the airport email. Thus, when the pilot arrives, he can use mobile application to pay for the airport services.

Customer goal


  • Mobile app for pilots, with the help of which they will be able to send notifications about landing and pay for airport services;
  • Web application for airports to connect their Stripe accounts and receive payment from pilots.


The Exposit’s team has been developing a project from scratch, namely client iOS and Android applications for pilots and a web application for airports. The project completely transfers the necessary paper work of pilots and airport employees to online and automates the process of paying for airport services.

Available functionality:

  • Sending a landing request (PPR). By the way, it doesn’t require confirmation from the airport. The pilot makes a PPR before the departure and pays the bill on arrival.
  • Payment for airport services by pilots (using Stripe Payment System and credit cards).
  • Registration and setup of Stripe airports accounts.
  • Price management for airports.
  • Determining the geolocation of pilots: when the pilot approaches the airport, the system understands that he arrived and automatically withdraws money from the pilot’s account.