OMN PIM module

Migration of the OMN PIM module from old technologies to the new Angular 6.
OMN PIM Module
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Migration of the Product Information Management module of OMN from old technologies to the new Angular 6. Previously, Adobe Flex was used on the frontend part. In general, the OMN project is long-playing (already lasts 15 years) and has to be completely transferred to modern technologies. The main challenge is that it's an enterprise platform with complex business logic and large number of different dependencies.


Rewriting the Frontend part of the Product Information Management module from Flex to Angular 6.



We were provided with a User Story, on the basis of which we have been developing the Angular version of the PIM module. Functionality:

  • Single view of data. In the module you can create advanced descriptions of goods, add images, information on shops, assortment, suppliers and channels.
  • Functionality for managing catalogs and assortment. The solution allows its user to create an unlimited number of product hierarchies and group products according to their goals.
  • The ability to manage data, considering features of product promotion through the marketplace, online sites, mobile or call-centers.

The main activities that are carried out on QA and testing in the framework of the project: business logic analysis, documentation testing, test case creation, End-to-End test creation, Smoke testing, Regression testing, Compatibility testing, Exploratory testing, End-to-End testing (including automated testing), UI testing, Localization testing, creating User-stories.

OMN PIM Module
OMN PIM Module
Technologies used:
Angular 6
Protractor Jasmine

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