Intelligent Driving Analysis

Mobile application that analyses the level of driving a car of its user.
Intelligent Driving Analysis

A mobile application that analyses the level of driving a car of its user and helps young drivers in Luxembourg to save money on insurance. The system allows you to analyze the movement along the passed path, measuring such data as acceleration, braking, general driving style, etc.

How can one save on insurance? If the user travels by the rules and confidently drives the car for 15 days and 500 km, then according to his behavior, the application will send him a discount code of 10%, 20% or 30% for auto insurance.

The application works as follows:

  • The user registers his profile, adds his car;
  • The user connects it via Bluetooth to the mobile application;
  • The user starts the route and the application collects and analyzes the information on the passed path.


The customer has collected information on all the falls of the application with the help of analytics. Our task was to understand why at some point the application could fall and fix it.



In addition to implementing the first stage of work with analytics and thorough bugfix, our specialists worked on tasks related to interface drawing, removal of sensor support. At the moment, they are solving problems with data and translation of words. During the project, our team has explored the features of the Facebook SDK and of the new Firebase Crashlytics feature for Xamarin.

Intelligent Driving Analysis
Intelligent Driving Analysis
Technologies used:
Xamarin Forms

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