Exposit Atlassian tools extension

JIRA and Confluence extensions for the specific work processes in our company.
Atlassian plugins development, support and administration for internal Exposit needs

Our company uses Atlassian products for internal management of projects and tasks, working together on documentation, creating and structuring a common knowledge base. 


While working with JIRA and Confluence, our employees have had a lot of suggestions to improve the convenience of using these products and to develop additional extensions in accordance with the specifics of the work processes in our company.


The following solutions were added to our daily processes:

  • An add-on for the automatic JIRA projects creation. When the new customer's request is received, two different types of JIRA projects (Software и Business) are automatically created. As well as the new RFP issue is automatically created in the Business project and the new iteration - in the Software project. The add-on also creates project's Confluence space with a pre-configured pages' structure for storing all the necessary information about the project and the customer (contracts, assessments, requirements, etc.);
  • JIRA add-on for customization of dashboards with tasks and statistics for each employee according to his position and department;
  • Exposit Info block, which contains three tabs with the links to information in Confluence;
  • JIRA add-on, that generates invoices in a certain status and with a responsible person;
  • JIRA add-on, that automatically creates iterations based on RFPs in such projects as Software and Business;
  • JIRA add-on for exporting reports by iteration with customized fields in Word, Excel and HTML formats;
  • JIRA add-on for transferring unfinished iteration tasks after closing this iteration into the next one (for example, at the end of the month or quarter);
  • JIRA add-on for project templates creation;
  • JIRA add-on extending functionality of Subtasks creation;
  • JIRA add-on for moving Subtask to another project;
  • JIRA add-on for displaying a greeting for each new employee;
  • Mail Handler - JIRA add-on that allows parsing letters, creating new issues based on them or adding a comment to an existing issue in JIRA, dividing letters by stop words, keeping the subject of the letter in the name of the created task, and also filtering spam. 

Atlassian plugins development, support and administration for internal Exposit needs
Atlassian plugins development, support and administration for internal Exposit needs
Technologies used:
Atlassian SDK

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