Data Providing API

API that works in integration with the medical site.
Data Providing API

A web-based application that periodically pulls data from multiple sources, processes them, and stores in memory. API works in integration with the site of one of the academic medical centers in America.


Development of API with the following functionality:

  • Retrieving data from data sources;
  • In-memory cache for 24/7 availability, including updating by schedule and data warehouse persistence;
  • CRUD (create-read-update-delete) functions for some pieces of information;
  • API for ETL-management. 



Development of a Java-based web application that extracts various data from several databases and web services, consolidates it and stores in memory. Herewith, the cache memory is updated according to the schedule or in manual mode.

For the most stable work, the API is developed with a high degree of code coverage by Unit tests (70-80%).

The web application was migrated from Spring to Spring Boot to facilitate the deployment of the application on the customer's servers. Besides various Jenkins Pipelines & Jobs are configured to facilitate the CI process.

At the same time, the iterative production process is based on effective Agile / SCRUM methods through constant communication and information exchange, daily meetings and sprints' planning, building and deployment of the product.

Technologies used:
Java 8
Spring MVC
Spring Boot
Spring Security
Oracle Database

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