Advertising Space

A web platform for drawing up trading offers for the sale of advertising space.
Advertising Space

A web platform for drawing up trading offers for the sale of advertising space in Germany (banners, transit advertising, etc.). A corporate tool for managers / advertising agents of a client’s company, which allows them to create and build advertising campaigns for large customers.

The platform supports full cycle of preparation of advertising campaigns: from setting goals and choosing advertising space to visualizing available advertising statistics on and off the map, as well as generating an advertising presentation and exporting it to different formats.


Development of the application's client-side (JavaScript).



Frontend team of Exposit has been working on this project since Jan 2019 and already realized the following functionality:

  • Planning of advertising campaigns: the ability to choose campaign period, budget, locations (cities or specific points in Germany), types of sites, their "visibility" (pps - people per second) and much more. Locations can also be selected manually.
  • Filtering advertising space by various characteristics, including type of advertising campaign, borders and rating. Displaying available (not yet booked) ad points.
  • Ad points visualization - the ability to see how the advertisement will look in a real location. The presentation module provides ample opportunities for graphical presentation of the saved advertising campaign: in addition to cartographic (lines, polygons, dots) also statistical (legends, graphs, summary tables).
  • Ability to import external files, e.g. of a .KML, geoJson, CSV and other formats to display additional geographical entities (for example, related to a business of a customer directly).
  • Export of documents in .PDF and .PPTX formats, ready for presentation to end customers.

Thus, the company manager prepares a plan in a web application, saves it and can create a map visualization with suitable advertising points in Germany.

Further development of the project is planned (more advanced formats for the presentation of statistical data, multiple / periodic campaigns, a separate (more advanced) budget control module, etc.).

Advertising Space
Advertising Space
Advertising Space
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