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    Flexible and customizable: Atlassian products for the development process management

    Atlassian is global offices around 7 countries and 4000+ applications in the marketplace.

    Atlassian products made a breakthrough by integrating all the necessary collaborating tools. Development process and teamwork became simple and effective with the most popular around them – Jira, Confluence and Bitbucket.

    How to structure the development team’s work with Atlassian products?

    • Plan, track & support with Jira
      Jira is an Atlassian product for managing work either of a start-up or an enterprise. Jira is considered to be the most effective tool for Agile teams where users can easily create tasks, assign them to the team and track time for the completed issues. Project members can follow the workflow to visualize the state of the current project (number of spent/remaining hours, percent of plan accomplishment, due dates, etc.). By the way, Jira can be used as a bug tracking tool by QA Engineers. There are also other products related to Jira like Jira Software, Jira Service Desk and Jira Ops for manging development work and customer services.
    • Code, build & ship with Bitbucket
      Atlassian Bitbucket allows development teams to collaborate on code, test and deploy simultaniously. This platform also has a built-in Continuous Integration and Deployment tools and a function of managing the whole development process. All development issues are hosted in one place. Bitbucket usage can improve either work process, code and the end product quality. The platform is secure thanks to IP whitelisting and required 2-step verification. P.S. Bitbucket works better in integration with Jira.
    • Collaborate with Confluence
      Confluence is a collaborative wiki system designed for those who already use Jira. Open workspace allows to create, regulate, share and discuss project issues and documents. Keeping everything organized makes team work a pleasure not jitters. Confluence allows users to create separate spaces and set flexible page permissions. In comparison to other wiki systems it has an advanced search tool. Created pages can be easily edited by permitted users. All made changes are saved in the page history that excludes a chance to miss something. Confluence has convenient templates and macros that bring speed and productivity to the working process. When the issue is done you can leave or get a directive feedback.

    All Atlassian products are pretty unidirectional

    That is why they can be customized with additional plugins development. It will make your experience more personal and pleasant for your company. Exposit is one of the 200+ world IT companies skilled in managing, configuring and extending Atlassian products presented on Clutch. Our engineers are always glad to make your everyday work experience splendid.