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    How to implement effective ITSM solutions for your business

    The past two years have been revolutionary for markets and companies. The acceleration of digital transformation and remote workstations development intensified the need for IT service management (ITSM) solutions in workplaces. 

    The main idea of ITSM is that information technology (IT) is delivered via a service or online service platform. Through the platform, ITSM can be customized to each organization to fulfill their specific needs. In other words, ITSM tools create a bridge between IT, employees and customers. 

    Why do you need ITSM in your business processes? 

    IT service management (ITSM) denotes an approach of implementing, managing and delivering IT services in the best possible way to meet the business needs. It ensures that the right people, processes and technology are involved to provide value to a business.  

    With the right ITSM tool, businesses can improve user experience and productivity, simplify operations, maximize resource utilization, and optimize support to meet their business goals. 

    What are the core processes of ITSM?   

    ITSM is made up of a number of IT management processes, some of which are designed to address unique industry-specific IT needs. A business should adapt the processes that meet the needs best. Here are some of core ITSM processes:     

    •  Incident Management
      Incident management occurs in case of interruptions in services and helps to restore the service to its functional state. The ability to prioritize incidents and service requests based on business impact allows staff to redirect their efforts where they can be most effective.
    • Change Management
      Change management refers to managing and controlling anything you’d like to change in your organization in order to minimize business disruptions.
    • Problem Management
      Problem management is about detecting and liquidating the causes of an incident as well as identifying the best method to eliminate recurring incidents.
    • Service Request Management
      Service request management is an ongoing procedure for handling various customer service requests, including requests for access, installation of new workstations or updating personal data. Service request management helps ensure that critical requests are always prioritized.
    • Knowledge Management
      Knowledge management is the process of making the best use of creating, sharing, using and managing the knowledge and information of an organization.
    • Configuration management
      Configuration management tracks all configuration settings in an IT system, like identification, verification and maintenance of critical configuration settings for hardware, software, personnel and technical documentation.
    • Workflow and talent management
      Workflow management is about placing the right people with the right skills and knowledge into suitable positions.

    How do ITSM solutions bring benefits to a business?  

    A major benefit of ITSM is the ability to improve IT efficiency on a constant basis.  It is possible due to the close interconnection between each constituent element of ITSM processes.

    With ITSM solutions, teams can benefit from: 

    • Process workflow
      ITSM reduces and streamlines many automatic tasks, giving them more time to focus on other tasks.
    • Save time and money
      ITSM promotes faster issue resolution. When a company streamlines operations through ITSM, a business saves money.
    • Improved customer satisfaction
      A greater operational efficiency achieved through ITSM increases the positive experience of the customers.
    • Service-based incident management
      ITSM allows us to identify potential issues and respond to them before they cause serious problems.
    • Insightful reports
      Automated reporting makes the monitoring management process more cost-effective and reliable.

    How to choose effective ITSM solutions? 

    ITSM tools make it possible to deliver IT services within a company effectively. There is no universal tool for all. An effective ITSM tool meets the following requirements: 

    • Easy to setup and activate  
    • User-friendly  
    • Flexibility 
    • Possibility of collaboration 
    • Customization 

    If you’re seeking for a customizable tool that will make your workflow visible and effective, Atlassian offers one of the best ITSM tools, specifically for IT operation teams. Jira Service Management is an ecosystem of tools that work in concept. With the help of add-ons, this ecosystem can be tailored to any needs.

    What ITSM solutions do we choose for working with our customers?

    Exposit has a solid background in working with Atlassian ITSM products. Our specialists deliver to customers Atlassian solutions to improve internal efficiency and build a successful framework.  Our certified Atlassian experts can help you solve your business challenges in ITSM and boost your workflow. Contact us to create a custom ITSM solution for effective collaboration, project transparency, and improved time management.