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28.03.2019 / 19:14

When do you need to involve BA in your software project?

BA role in software projects depends on number of options like project size, requirements’ transparency or project status. Business Analysts boost productivity by structuring requirements and supporting a solution being developed. During software development process a number of complex situations may occur.

When do you need a help of BA in your software project?

  • When you need to optimize a budget
    Business Analysts can help you to avoid unexpected costs and optimize allocated budget according to a project scope. They can help you to understand whether a planned functionality is worth to pay for or not. It is extremely important for startups and SMBs with a limited budget as it allows to make the most of their money.

  • When communication is poor
    Sometimes project team is faced with lack of communication, misunderstanding and cohesion absence. BA might be an essential link between developers’ team and a customer. He collects and represents interests of all stakeholders making collaboration productive. Stakeholder engagement on all levels provided by BA helps to keep the process clear and support all interested parties.

  • When you have an idea without requirements
    Having a great idea is a half part of success. It is important to specify project goals and requirements to understand how it will work and what problems will solve. BA can translate your idea in technical specifications making them clear for a development team. Specified requirements provide stable workflow and simplify testing process. You will avoid misconception and define core features that must be focused on.

  • When your idea is constantly transforming
    Initial idea can be continuously reshaping during software development process. BA mission is to brainstorm solutions with developers and separate the husk from the grain. Such approach makes your project unique and valuable for audience. Once your idea is transformed, BA makes changes in documentation and estimation.

  • When you need detailed project documentation
    Creating project documentation often becomes a great challenge. BA can provide you with structured documentation answering all the questions about the project from requirements to technical staff. Project documentation may include project vision, user stories, business requirements, test cases, etc.

  • When PM is overloaded
    Project Manager has a great number of responsibilities controlling the majority of project activities. Heavy strain on PM can cause deterioration of communication and productivity. In this case, BA can take part of responsibilities supporting stakeholders throughout the project. BA can also create backlogs to improve team’s productivity.

Business Analysts can be a simple and effective solution for common software development problems. BA can be taken as a part of Project Development team using Fixed Price or Time & Material models of cooperation. If you want to take BA separately, you can use Dedicated Team model of cooperation. As benefits you will get clear requirements, communication improvement and optimized budget.

Exposit BAs have a hands-on experience of delivering complex software solutions for Telecom, Aviation, Marketing industries, Recruiting, Atlassian and other industries. We can provide you with BA who fits your project to make you satisfied with the final result.