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    What improvements does your Atlassian need?

    Atlassian products are extremely useful for managing projects and planning throughout software development lifecycle. Flexibility and ability of customization make systems as Jira, Confluence and Bitbucket outstanding. What features can be implemented in your Atlassian to simplify corporate projects’ management?

    Convenient search and storing

    Information search and storage can become more convenient with the recommendations’ mechanism. User profile can be expanded by adding extra blocks to the standard fields. You can add custom fields and tags, user’s skills, technological expertise and more. It will allow searching by profiles, contact information, expertise, position, office and other fields thanks to advanced filtering approach.

    Access limits

    You can add limited access to management and technical documentation. It provides extra security for the confidential project information. You can make certain pages restricted and set access to every single space. Only registered users can get access to the corporate system. Registration form can include user name, company name, e-mail, terms of use, agreement acceptance, etc. After filling out the form, user cookies will be saved. User can log into the same space without re-registration from the given device in the future.


    You can add automatic issues creation to your systems. It can be page, project, iteration or a whole space. Automation saves your time and makes your workflow smooth. Implemented add-on can also generate certain status of a task, project or member. Thanks to it you can get real-time reports. System improvement can also provide pages’ generation from the selected database. It automatically creates pages similar to existing database tables.

    Templates creation

    One more extension that saves your time is templates creation. You can add templates to different spaces, tasks and pages. As any Confluence page they can be edited, copied or transferred to other spaces. It is a convenient way to add new bulk information that guarantees not to forget important components.


    You can improve your Atlassian products with plug-in providing visualization. It will show connection between users, projects and tickets as nodes. NeuroScience approach can help to analyze workload distribution, roadblocks, dependences, overwhelmed teams and weakest links. System will mark nodes with size and color according to the issue type, status, escalation or project. Thanks to that you will get the real-time visual feedback on the strategic relevance of issues or story points.

    Repositories performance improvement

    With advanced cleanup rules a user can activate a number of preconfigured rules or set his own for safe and optimized performance. Cleanup repositories with pre-made and user configurable rules make management of git repositories easier. Automated repository backups prior to making any changes keep you informed about the process. Automatic lock during processing make repositories secure.

    Jira performance improvement

    Jira performance improvement involves optimizing the speed, stability, and scalability of the Jira software to enhance user experience and productivity. This can be achieved through various measures such as hardware upgrades and database optimization.

    Continuous improvement needs of atlassian

    Atlassian prioritizes continuous improvement in its product development through employee feedback, collaboration, innovation, and investment in tools and processes that streamline development and improve efficiency.

    Atlassian products are perfect tools for Agile development. These tools can improve projects’ management as they can be customized according to any team’s workflow. Exposit specialists have a vast experience in managing, configuring and extending Atlassian products. We are ready to provide you with useful Atlassian plug-ins to improve the way your teams work together.