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    What are the types of web applications?

    Though mobile use is still growing beyond the web, the online web experience is still important. If you only start your web journey we will try to build a bridge between you and web development. Let’s have a look at types of web applications.

    Initially, all the web applications can be divided into two groups – static and dynamic.

    Static Web Application

    Static apps are distinguished from other types of the web by the simplicity of development. However, this fact leads to inflexibility – if you want something to be changed or improved you should modify the initial code. The absence of a database helps to provide the safety of the page in comparison with Dynamic. For example, 70% of WordPress sites are at risk of getting hacked because of the lack of upgrading and unsafe installations.

    The most popular example of the Static Web is probably a landing page that could be effective for specific marketing campaigns.

    Dynamic Web Application

    Dynamic Web integrates all the other types of web apps by the way. Different web languages can be used to develop such applications but it requires much more complex coding. Still, it has a lot of advantages including simple updating of the content in comparison with the Static Web. The functionality of database and Content Management Systems allows you to read, create, update and delete information.

    Dynamic Web Applications, in turn, can be divided into more precise types by needful purposes

    • Online store or e-commerce
      Every year online sales market increases by more than 20%. So, if you are planning to port your store to Web, you should pay your attention to this type. E-commerce includes not only e-shops but also booking systems. It allows you to go through suggested items, choose, order or buy them online.
    • Portal web app
      Portal web apps allow users access to various categories of web application in software engineering through the main home page. You could use the ability to create your personal profile, forums to publish content, chats, access to e-mail and financial transactions.
    • Animated web app
      Such an application is usually built using Flash technology. It represents content with different visual animated effects. As backward you can find problems with SEO and web positioning, so it would be not effective for start-ups and growing businesses. A little tip: if you want to provide users with excellent quality of animated data visualization, we recommend considering Unity 3D technology.

    Creating a different types of web application remember that any type is still relevant and can be functional and effective for your particular purpose. And don’t forget to ask yourself 5 questions while choosing a software development partner. If you are getting started with a web application for your business, Exposit can help to make your experience pleasant and profitable.