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    Java, please! Why Java is a perfect choice for creating Enterprise software

    The Java programming language is a leading choice for enterprise software development. For decades, enterprises have turned to Java development companies to create large-scale solutions that can improve their business operations and achieve a competitive advantage.

    Our software expert Ivan Anishchenko helped us understand why Java has become the leading tool for solving problems of enterprise software development.

    Why do you need Java for building your enterprise application?

    Java is one of the most popular programming languages among software developers. The prevalence of this language is that it is very flexible and can be used to build web or mobile solutions, develop small programs or large end-to-end enterprise applications.

    Corporate companies choose Java for its flexible integration, independent code, and ability to solve the most critical business problems, such as messaging, time tracking, etc.

    This language continues to strengthen with each new update, providing businesses with solutions based on many years of experience. This way, companies get stability and simplicity in the operation of enterprise applications.

    For example, the Java programming language is ideal for working with Atlassian tools, which are used by thousands of teams around the world.

    Therefore, we can say that Java was originally focused on the needs of enterprises and aimed at providing a variety of ways to solve emerging corporate problems.

    What are the advantages of using Java for enterprise software development?

    The Java programming language is a tool that can help you create a system that meets all your needs and fits the specifics of enterprises. What benefits can Java provide for you?

    • Cross-platform Compatibility
      “Write once, run anywhere” (WORA) is a popular phrase in the IT field that is used to describe the cross-platform capabilities of Java.It means that applications written in Java can run on almost all existing platforms, including Windows, Mac OS, and Linux, making it even more suitable for enterprises.This ability of the language is implemented by the Java Virtual Machine (JVM), a virtual machine designed to execute bytecode and make Java platforms independent.The independence of software is especially important for enterprise systems, as they are designed for a large number of users who can prefer different platforms.

    • High Availability of Development Tools
      Since enterprise applications perform a wide range of business processes, such as data collection and analysis, planning, operations management, and much more, the software must support all the necessary functionality and easily manage the embedded features.The Java programming language supports millions of libraries that help solve problems and achieve the necessary functions in various ways. What’s more, most of the time these libraries are free, open-source, and provide business-friendly licenses, which means that you could start using them right away.Java also offers a large number of APIs, development environments (IDEs), and frameworks for solving most of the widespread problems, including automation of repetitive tasks and customer data tracking.
    • High Level of Safety
      For enterprise applications, the security factor plays one of the biggest roles: hacking and data loss can cause irreparable damage to the entire business.The Java language itself cannot directly protect your platform from safety issues, but its features provide advanced data protection, as well as secure information exchange.For example, unlike C, Java does not have pointers that store the memory address and can cause other people to gain unauthorized access to information.Java also provides the ability to use a Security Manager, where you can specify access rules and keep your data secure.
    • Cost savings
      Java greatly simplifies and speeds up the development process, reduces the number of errors made by developers, and shortens the time to market.In addition, the Java code is easy to handle, and developers can reuse it to develop multiple platforms without any licensing costs.All of these factors contribute to lower the cost of enterprise software development.

    Currently, every fast-growing business relies heavily on software that helps to execute complex business processes. Individual enterprise applications written in the Java programming language are stable and bring users a number of advantages, which makes it much easier to achieve all the goals of companies.

    Exposit’s strong Java knowledge and experience in developing huge Enterprise projects help us to deliver products that meet your needs. Contact us to create robust, scalable, and multi-tiered applications that will help your businesses overcome enterprise challenges and improve internal company processes.