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    What are the strategies of mobile app marketing after its launch?

    A variety of mobile apps in stores leads to changing marketing strategy on both the stage of launching and when the app is available for download. Exposit has already looked on powerful marketing tools before launching. But is it enough?

    One of the biggest challenges is actually a part that comes after launching, so focus on the marketing strategy should be saved during the whole life of mobile application. According to report by BGR 65% iOS, 41% Android and 69% Windows apps are considered to be dead. 64% of mobile apps are deleted within a month.

    Why the majority of applications at the marketplaces become dead or thrown away after the first use? The most significant reasons are:

    • Taking too much storage;
    • Unwanted advertisement;
    • Keeping freezing;
    • Privacy concerns;
    • Requiring complex registration;
    • Poor design and user experience problems.

    How we can enhance the value of our application after its launch?


    After applying the lessons of clever marketing on your pre-launching marketing plan, learn how to maintain promotion of your product.

    Put attention on AppStore Search Marketing with focus on SEO optimization, traffic analysis, choosing the right category in the store. Why is it important? Because 65% of downloads come right from the search.

    Another essential point is inbound marketing that is probably the most effective tool for promotion of an existing app. A recent post by Ryan Ghods on HubSpot informed that 93% of companies using inbound marketing have generated more leads. The great point here is a guest blogging. To start it successfully – make a market research including all the important aspects of app users (age, sex, citizenship, etc.). Think over the content because it is a significant reason for the audience to listen to you and help you in your promotion. To make sure if it really works check the fact that Gregory Ciotti add 36,733 e-mail subscribers by using guest blogging.

    Another useful technique is a cross promotion. Try to find Win-Win situation to allow both sides receive what they need. Joint advertising, joint contests, product incorporation – the choice is up to you.

    Regular Updates

    A good way of promotion after app’s installation is rolling out updates. There are a lot of negative reviews leaved without resolving. By timely updates you not only improve the quality of your product but also give the users feeling of importance and trust. Check out the feedback and analytics constantly to find out how to make the app better. Do not forget about making bug fixes to improve technical part of the product. Always try to simplify user screenplay and customer journey map because each extra step loses potential users. Your audience would exactly appreciate it.

    Today companies should be flexible in questions of marketing and sales to make the product successful. The stage after launching the app is probably the most difficult here. Marketing maintenance can guarantee you favorable outcome of the product. So keep on promoting your app on the all stages of business development. Exposit can support you from the technical side with fixing bugs, porting your app to other platforms or developing a hybrid one.