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    Mobile App Development: The Cost Factor

    Statistics about mobile app development cost differs one from another. 33% of app development companies determine their minimum project size in 5,001-10,000$. However, cost to develop a meaningful mobile app will be significantly more.

    What factors influence app cost?

    • Platform
      First of all, the cost of developing a mobile application depends on the platform: Native or Hybrid application. On average, Android applications development is more expensive than iOS in 1.2x. If you are going to build a Hybrid app, it will likely cost 1.6x more than iOS one. Compare Android and IOS to make the right choice for your purpose. For a limited budget, consider building a minimum viable product (MVP) to test your idea.
    • Features
      The variety of technical opportunities of mobile apps becomes wider and wider, so the cost of the future product depends on its complexity and functionality requirements. Push notifications, user ratings and reviews tend to be cheaper than conducting transactions, process payments, use real-time GPS, or link with other app users. Highly complex apps can include audio/video processing, integration with ecommerce systems, ability to take photos using the app, AR / ML functions, etc.
    • Human capital
      Cost depends on the kind of developers you are hiring — freelancers, in-house developers, outsourcing agencies. Freelancers usually seem to be the cheapest option, in-house developers — the most expensive as you have to pay taxes, provide employees with social package (holidays, sick-lists, insurance, contributions to the pension fund, accommodation), pay for the office rent. Here outsourcing software development seems to be the most profitable variant.

    By the way, in mobile marketplaces, for ex. in App Store it’s possible to identify your app with one category. Changing category as well as changing functionality implying changing category can influence the costs for building an app. Try not to come up with a mobile game with booking services and ability to track work efficiency. Firstly, it will confuse your audience. Secondly, the costs will be through the roof. Thirdly, you’ll hardly find an executor that will make all your requirements come true.

    Releasing an app doesn’t mean that expenses are over

    However, there are some hidden costs as mobile software development process may include not only development itself but also business analysis, design, testing, continuous integration, delivery and so on.

    Every single project is different and requires its own unique solutions. Share your experience with professional developers’ team to find the most effective and profitable solution for your business. Exposit is always glad to make it for you.