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    Useful Tips for e-Commerce App Development

    The Internet is a global marketplace where the e-Commerce market has become a crucial part of the economy. E-commerce market website and application development helps to better sell products and services to customers. Whether you buy or sell something via the Internet, you are involved in e-Commerce, which has created a special boom in 2018.

    Many business owners think on what to create: a mobile app or website for e-Commerce trading. An interesting fact: people use their mobiles for browsing, but they still buy on desktop. They don’t have to replace each other. Because they both offer exclusive benefits to e-Commerce businesses and can work together!

    Two most important benefits that an e-Commerce App Development can give to your business:

    • Market Expansion. You won’t limit yourself only to one region, you can take a step forward to multiple markets with a single online marketplace app development. The bigger traffic you have, the more sales you make.
    • Customer Loyalty. An icon of your app on sb’s screen is a hidden reminder to log in and buy anything that pops up on your head. Friendly notifications, information storage, rewards, exclusive discounts and offers are the key benefit to bring customers closer to your products or services.

    When you did the marketing research, found you target audience and goals, estimated the outcome and decided to build an eCommerce application, you should implement these 5 steps:

    5 steps

    1. Choose the Right Platform. Orient to the platform, which is widely- used by the majority of your targeted audience and best suits your budget. Consider what size of stock you have, digital or physical goods you sell and payment method you use. It will help to build an app giving a better ROI. As for mobile app, it is extremely important to define where your market is located. You will be able to evaluate on which platform your potential customers focus more: mobile app running on Android, iOS or mobile website. But huge e-Commerce platforms usually combine these three opportunities.
    2. Secure Payment Gateways. A payment gateway is the interface that securely attaches the customer to the payment system. When we are offered to pay online, we all have this question in our minds: “Is this app secure enough to protect my financial information I put in for the payment of my purchase?” The growing number of cybercrime and security breaches make consumers scared. Doing business, choose payment processing frameworks that can safely process payment transactions.
    3. Complete Synchronization. You must have an API. It makes the development process easier and user experience more pleasant. If you have both e-Commerce mobile app and website, they two must be synchronized. It will bring your customers to the next level of their buying experience that will be highly appreciated and accepted. As a result, you will save time and increase revenue. Because the cost of developing an e-commerce application can be afforded by everyone.
    4. Provide Product Reviews. Would you buy something, which is not supported by the majority of the shoppers? Probably, no. Your potential customers gather lot of information about your service/product and people’s experience with it. Ask them to leave reviews with photos and comments as persuasive examples of conducting great business. Wherever you customers are, your e-Commerce app must be in front of them. Integrate Social Media into your app, as your customers will share any kind of special offers on their social media accounts.
    5. Marketing Strategy. While marketing you must think beyond your site. The good things will be composing an email list, launching a social media campaign, hosting a giveaway and finding an affiliate marketing partner. These all help to keep your brand on customer’s mind, boost sales, and establish credibility. Tracking user experience, constant updating of the interface and functionality, adding Push Notifications, Multiple Payment Options must be a must.

    An app user comes back to your store within 30 days of purchase. Isn’t it a good opportunity to launch your own e-Commerce App? M-commerce software companies help customers increase sales. Learn our experience in this sphere and give us a call to help you have the highest customer retention.

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