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    M-Commerce and E-Commerce trends improving customer experience in 2019

    Digital world makes M-Commerce a trend that should not be ignored. Customer experience has become a priority in strategic marketing and E-Commerce development. What trends should your business follow to be on the rise?

    Artificial Intelligence

    AI becomes common in administration, customer service, processing data and other routine activities. Automation brings such AI-employees as chatbots, administration and shopping assistants to E-Commerce. AI-solutions can automate creation, optimization and classification of any product data. Natural Language Processing provides voice search, conversational marketing and work of digital assistants like Alexa from Amazon. NLP also provides advanced SEO strategies. Artificial Intelligence can send personalized in-store messages and special offers.

    Mobile Payments and one-touch purchases

    Digital wallets are essential in modern E-Commerce. They simplify mobile payments and provide one-touch purchases. NFC technology makes it possible to pay using such tools as ApplePay, PayPal or Visa Checkout. With their help customers don’t need to enter card details every time they want to buy goods. Development of dynamic checkout provides mobile payments directly from a product page.

    Omnichannel commerce

    Various digital channels and multiple devices reshape accustomed online-stores. 73% of customers have omnichannel experience during their shopping journey. Ability to buy products directly from social media platforms improves customer experience. Social buying relates to multi-channel marketing working with Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. 87% of E-shoppers consider that social media affects their decision and around 30% make purchases directly through social media. For example, Instagram shopping feature allows users to view the price and product description.


    Progressive Web Apps are replacing sites and normal apps. As PWA is something in between, there is no need to market your app or launch a mobile site. It is 2 to 10 times faster, allows push-notifications and can be used offline. Easy-to-navigate UI and UX perfectly matches online shopping. It is a splendid solution for selling alcohol or other products for adults as it avoids marketplaces limitations. Despite PWA provides app-like experience, you can copy and share its URL.

    Ethical E-Commerce

    Product content is an essential part of E-Commerce. Consumers appreciate merchants whose products meet their values. Society and environment exert customers when they are making purchasing decisions. The majority of customers is guided by their ethics that make brands use digital to appeal to consumers values.

    QR Codes

    28% of online shoppers regularly buy products in e-stores after offline research. Since QR detection has become a native part of iOS and Android, QR codes processing is independent of apps. QR codes can appear on various printed media from the product package to advertising materials. Customer can just use camera to detect QR code and get into the necessary information about the product. Today QR codes have a great potential to change customer service, marketing strategies and the way your business goes.


    In-car E-Commerce is continuously developing using new apps and technologies. Shopping on-the-go makes people use their smartphones to find the nearest gas station, take away or parking while driving. Apps can help you to discover the closest destinations using GPS navigation. GPS can also work like SEO predicting what users are looking for. In contrast to search activity, driving behavior has monetary value for your business.

    E-Commerce and M-Commerce software offer a variety of features improving online shopping experience. Exposit can create the right E-Commerce solution for your business and make e-shopping more convenient for your audience.