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    Cross-platform development: 4 reasons to create a mobile app using Flutter

    Flutter has become a strong competitor to React Native and Xamarin in cross-platform mobile development. According to Stackoverflow survey 2019, 75,4% of respondents considered Flutter the most wanted and loved mobile framework. It was used for the development of Google Ads app, Xianyu app by Alibaba and other popular applications. So what actually is Flutter?

    Flutter is a framework from Google that is based on Dart – a dynamic object-oriented programming language. Its functionality covers coding, testing and design tasks making engineers working on a project a united team. A nice bonus: Flutter framework is open-source and free to use.

    What are the main reasons to choose Flutter for your cross-platform app development?

    • Speedy development
      Flutter can accelerate the development process and provide high productivity thanks to one codebase and reusable development components. It saves resources spent on coding and testing and gives you an ability to develop twice as many features within the same period of time. Speed and ease of use also make Flutter a perfect choice for prototyping or creating MVP. You can easily create a functional app and present it to stakeholders.
    • Hot reload feature
      Flutter provides the Hot reload feature that allows mobile developers to add features and test bugs faster saving your time and money. With Flutter, you can see changes and their performance in real time that helps to quickly understand whether it works well for your platform. You can also test new functionality and UI designs with the ability to undo certain changes without losing the state of an app. Hot reload feature makes Flutter a perfect framework for Agile development because it gives flexibility and freedom for experiments.
    • Excellent User Experience
      Flutter development provides your end-users with native performance maintaining the same design and business logic on all platforms. Creating beautiful UI using Flutter is simple because it provides sets of widgets that include navigation components, buttons, information displays and more. You can also create your own widgets or customize the existing ones depending on your goals and needs. Flutter provides the same UI on Android Jelly Bean or newer, and iOS 8 or newer which means you will not worry about additional costs on supporting older devices.
    • Technology potential
      The popularity of Flutter is constantly growing because of its simplicity, convenience and beautiful user-centered interface. There is even an opinion around mobile experts that Flutter development can replace the native Android and iOS development thanks to its accessibility and compatibility. It means that creating an app using Flutter will not only bring significant benefits to your project but will also help you to avoid the migration of your app to other technologies.

    Flutter for mobile development

    Now Flutter is available only for mobile development. However, Google is working on Flutter for Web and hopefully, we can experience its beta version soon.

    Flutter provides a combination of excellent performance and delightful interface that satisfies your users and drives new investors to your project. Exposit mobile team can translate your application idea into a cross-platform fully-featured Flutter solution. Contact us if you want to create modern mobile software considering latest trends and innovative approaches.