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    Introduction to PWA: evolutionary combination of web and native mobile apps functionality

    Progressive Web Application (PWA) is an evolutionary combination of web technologies and Native app-like environments. It is an application that uses modern web technologies transformed with extra mobile features. Additional functionality makes PWA flexible, engaging and secure solution for any kind of business.

    PWA main features’ checklist:

    • Device compatibility
      One of the greatest benefits you get with PWA is flexibility. PWA is independent of operating systems and stable both on desktop and mobile devices. It is also cross-browser as all of modern browsers support the key PWA technology – Service Worker. By the way, PWA is faster than a usual website providing immediate access to needful information.
    • Easy integration and access
      PWA’s integration is easy as there is no need of distributing it via markets. You don’t have to install it on device, you can access PWA via simple link or QR code. Every page should be linkable so that you can share PWA through its unique URL. It simplifies sharing mechanism that leads to audience expansion. As PWA can appear in results of organic search it retains powerful website capabilities for SEO optimization.
    • Push notifications
      This function gives you an app-like experience. Push notifications implemented in PWA are precise, timely and relevant, available in the background when PWA is not opened. Push notifications can increase time spent on app by 2X. It keeps you up-to-date with changes and news.
    • Offline mode
      PWA is a reliable user-oriented solution that allows you to enjoy all the implemented functionality offline. Losing Internet connection doesn’t impact on content display only if it is the latest one. Advanced caching uses the Network Information API to inform user when it is turned to offline mode.
    • Easy updates
      PWA is easy to install and update in real time. There is no need to interact with app markets as PWAs are updated automatically. It saves your time, simplifies system maintaining and allows your users to avoid tedious installation process.
    • Quality UI/UX
      PWA brings user experience to the highest level. It is extremely responsive as users can experience app interface in a full screen adapted to mobile, tablet and computer. You can pin PWA to the home screen for easy and convenient access. Even when app is not loaded you will never experience an empty or uploading screen. Instead you will be invited to play a game for a while.
    • Security
      PWA is served via secure HTTPS connections. Service Worker and Web Manifest (a JSON file that describes your PWA) work only with secure connections to server or app that protect you, your users and your data. HTTPS connections help to prevent mixed content and encrypt data in transit reducing vulnerability to minimum.

    PWA can become an innovative solution for your business giving the best of web and native environment. Around famous PWAs you can find Shopify, Twitter, Trivago, Pinterest and other. If you are interested in improving web user experience and simplifying app management we would love to hear from you.