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    Introduction to web UI/UX approaches: visual communication and usability

    User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) define usability and accessibility of your web project.

    The best results are achieved when UX and UI designers work together. The other way software can be extremely beautiful but totally inconvenient. Collaboration allows to simplify the customer journey map and bring you more conversions. Web designers can discuss, make required research, present and test finished design together.

    What is ui ux designer do

    A UI/UX designer is responsible for creating user-friendly interfaces that enhance user experiences. They design intuitive layouts, conduct user research, create wireframes, and collaborate with developers to ensure seamless interactions and visually appealing designs.

    User Experience

    The UX goal is to create Information Architecture to reach the responsiveness of web products. Let’s take a look at some examples of UX approaches:

    • Streamlined navigation
      A website should be a carefully organized user-centered system. Users should easily comprehend even complex data to stay engaged. Designers should care about images’ resolution and brief memorable text content. Links should be highly relevant and easy to find so that users can reach their goals on your site.
    • Content organization
      UX design and content marketing depend on each other, that is why structured content is a must-have for any web application or site. Concise content makes your message clear and keeps your audience focused.
    • Customer journey map creation
      This approach gives you a real view of how users will interact with your product step by step. User scenario visualization helps to identify potential places where customers can have problems and solve them on the early stage.
    • Visualization
      Prototypes give you a visualization of the functional capacity of the product. They can display hierarchy, main elements and their interaction. This approach helps you to clarify particular ways of information display on user interface.
    • Unified design
      The chosen design should be cohesive, creating a connection between all parts of the project. Mockups done on the early stage of the development process help to achieve unity. Optimization for different devices prevents bugs and unstable work of web application.

    User Interface

    The UI goal is to make the user’s interaction with product pleasant by creating an attractive appearance. Some examples of web UI approaches:

    • Aesthetic
      This approach will be effective only if you know what your users think looks good. It is important to find a balance between appearance and usability. The aesthetic approach should meet social, psychological and ideological pleasure. It includes not only visual communication but also sound and material aesthetics.
    • Design patterns
      Design patterns are general solutions based on best practices of UI. They are designed to solve the most common users problems like usability and accessibility problems. Often this approach helps to understand the basics of web design.
    • Minimalism
      This approach uses the most simple and minimalistic solutions. The common tools are limited color palettes, bold typefaces, whitespace and others. UI designers try to leave elements that have high level of importance to simplify navigation.

    A great example of UI and UX designers collaboration is Exposit’s identity.

    The simplest web application can become outstanding with quality UX and UI design. Exposit’s web designers are familiar with different approaches and methodologies to deliver technical solutions in the most attractive and user-friendly way. If you want to engage your audience even more and bring new opportunities to your business – contact us.