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    Things to consider while planning a complex Web development project

    A classic formula of a complex web project consists of difficult logic and a number of interdependent modules. Challenges faced may seem overwhelming but it is not necessarily true. There are several important things that project stakeholders should consider while planning a complex Web project to avoid possible problems:

    • Research
      Research is the stage when you decide what you are going to do and for whom. Define your business goals and target audience in advance to understand the main purpose of your project. Research is a great practice for comparing your idea with analog apps. It helps to understand pain points from the users side and cover their needs faster than competitors. If you already have a project, research will help you to make your customers’ journey in a complex web project easier.
    • Scope of work
      When the scope of work isn’t fully determined, your already large-scale project may become even bigger. Define technical requirements carefully to create the most suitable architecture for your project. If you have dynamic requirements and your project is a scalable one, turn to Business Analysts. They can define all the requirements, create a project decomposition and provide you with time and budget evaluation.
    • Design and content
      Big and complex Web applications usually contain large amount of information that needs to be well-structured. Elaborate UI / UX design is essential to organize data on all levels of your Web app. Track user engagement and bounce rate in customer journey map to understand how to make the most of performance. Users should easily accomplish their tasks and goals through your product. The internal content should be clear, engaging and relevant to your target audience to increase conversions.
    • Specific features
      Complex Web project deals with a number of challenges by means of specific features. It is necessary both for you and for your development team to determine fundamental features in advance. Think about features related to pages load time, cashing and rendering huge amount of data to improve performance. If you are going to launch E-commerce app you should pay attention to search mechanism and checkout.
    • Testing
      Pay attention to software testing no less than to development. Choose automation or manual testing depending on the nature of the project. It is better to use continuous integration and deployment for bug fixing of a huge project. This way you will not lose bugs among the innumerable lines of code. You can also consider a Test-Driven Development approach when tests are written before coding. This approach doesn’t suit all projects as it requires more input resources, but they are justified by high code stability further.
    • Security
      Complex Web projects contain huge number of data that needs to be safe. Use HTTPS protocol for your web resources to protect data on three layers: encryption, authentication and data integrity. If you have Web authentication for users put attention on password hashing and JSON Web Token to provide secure communication between server and user. Take care of confidential data encryption within corporate networks. You can apply fine-grained access controls to manage access to corporate data through central point.

    Exposit offers a full range of services for implementing Web projects of any level of complexity. If you have an idea for Web project development, feel free to contact us.