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    Personal stories of our specialists: How did I get into IT?

    We’ve asked Exposit people how did they get into IT sphere. It’s hard to put all 100+ stories in one article, so we just collected stories of people from different professional directions. Answers were different but united in a common goal – to deliver software products needed on the market.

    Company employees

    Dmitry, Head of PMO: “I’ve started my IT career path studying at Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology. From the 3rd year, the company Netcracker conducted our training center and I first got to their courses. Then I was offered a job as a Business Analyst… Usually a BA knows what is happening in other departments to be an effective connecting aspect between developers and client. I tried myself also in software engineering and marketing. Currently I am a Project manager and the technical background helps me understand the clients’ needs and technical feasibility of their projects, plan activities and deliver products in time”.

    Yury, Unit Manager: “In the 9th form in gymnasium I attended math class, where programming languages lessons were obligatory. Since then, I dreamed of becoming a professional programmer. At university, I did tests in the Pascal language for other students – that’s how I learned programming. Being on the 5th course one local IT company was widely recruiting software developers. They invited my friend for an interview and I asked to go with him. We successfully passed it and were offered a job. ”

    Yehor, Web Designer: “Actually, I work as a designer for more than 14 years, started in 2004 when there was no such IT hype. Design has become a salvation for a naughty boy because I loved drawing on any surface, if you understand what I mean (laughing behind the scenes). After school graduation (in 2006), I with my friend opened a design studio. We created logos, brand identity, web and graphic design for advertising. Working at Exposit I constantly improve UI & UX of our digital products”.

    Anatoly, Lead QA Manager: “In short, I first learned PHP myself, worked as a PHP developer for some time until I got interested in software testing. Before that, I worked as an engineer-mechanic by the diploma (graduated from Faculty of Physics and Engineering). What I like most about testing is that I can make the world better”.

    Tanya, DevOps: “When I was younger and the grass was greener, I wanted to become an architect. Since I didn’t finish any art school, but was talented by nature, I went to Software Engineering specialty to become an architect painting in the virtual reality, and not on paper. While studying I got interested in working with hardware and networks more than with letters in editors. The IT company took me to practice and there I tried to work with everything I reached. But the passion for hardware won and I connected my life with it. Unlike people hardware does what you say and work predictably and reliably”.



    Project development usually starts at PM and BA department

    Our PM/BA consider all possible risks and requirements, estimate technical feasibility, schedule work activities and clarify the details. Then our software engineers translate ideas and requirements into high quality technology solutions. If a project needs design department force, our designers can provide mock-ups to make product easy and pleasing to use. To make software run without interruptions and be convenient for the user, our QA managers notice all non-working or poorly working parts and send them back to the software engineers for revision. During the whole development process Business Development department keeps in touch with our clients, collects feedback, looks for the most relevant developers and tries to improve the mutual experience.

    All the software engineers, QA managers, project managers and business analysts, designers, DevOps and other Exposit people are here to support your software idea from the technical side. We provide our clients with full-cycle services for development of a project from scratch or to strengthen your team in case you need extra resources.

    Have a great day and share your IT stories in social!