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    Common reasons for slow media streaming and how to fix it

    Repeated buffering is one of the most frustrating things that arise while streaming media. Bad Internet connection, complex HD content transmitting, large number of users and incompatibility with encoding devices are among the common reasons for that.

    How to fix streaming problems

    There can be several reasons for slow streaming, including slow internet connection, network congestion, insufficient bandwidth, server issues, and hardware or software limitations. A weak Wi-Fi signal, outdated devices, and running multiple applications simultaneously can also impact streaming performance. Additionally, the video resolution and quality can affect streaming speed, as higher-quality videos require more bandwidth. It’s important to troubleshoot and identify the root cause of slow streaming to ensure a smooth and uninterrupted streaming experience.

    Channel vulnerability

    A big flow of users can become a problem for your streaming security and consequently to the data transfer speed. Especially closed commercial streamings must be inaccessible for random users. It relates to interviews, private appointments, sneak previews, demos and so on.

    Solution: Authentication system for limits’ creation. Built-in token authorization ensures that the stream will be accessed only by users having token. You can also implement an online registration to control your viewers activity. It should be simple and not tedious for users. This way you make your channel safe and invulnerable.

    High-quality content

    High quality of media streaming often face with delay challenge that makes watchers feel baffling. During live video streaming, sound, video subtitles and other parts are transmitted separately. Then they are synchronized on the device. Switching from high definition to lower quality to avoid buffering sessions is often an irritating thing.

    Solution: Adaptive bitrate. It is possible to avoid rapid drops by using adaptive bitrate streaming. This approach adjusts video quality depending on the speed available for each user. It allows to watch streams without interruptions. You can also set up automatic backup connection for every key component of your streaming software.

    Content providers

    Data is stored on servers that have certain limits. If providers are getting more data that they can process, audio or video transfer to your screen can be delayed. By the way, the traffic between 7 and 9 p.m. is often overloaded and may cause mismatch of video and sound and accordingly the amount of happy viewers.

    Solution: Own secure server. When you depend on your own server you are responsible for scaling and data storage, quality and speed of your live streaming. Thereby you can predict a number of viewers and plan a load according to it. Make sure your can maintain, support and secure the server. You can also think of using Cloud Computing Services as they are cheap, reliable and well-scaled according to business demands. You can also use technologies like HTTP Dynamic Streaming for delivering content in time.


    Encoding live streaming is extremely important as the variety of viewers’ devices is pretty big. Chosen data processing protocol impacts on compatibility with devices and capability to play video. Streaming protocol is designed to optimize delivery method to avoid video crashing. Choosing a wrong streaming protocol can make watchers baffling as they are having playing mistakes.

    Solution: The right choice of streaming protocol and encoding. Choose the streaming protocol and encoding carefully. Install the last version of streaming application on your device’s OS to make sure you have relevant software. Make sure your stream is capable for several encoding devices – from computer to GoPro camera. The streaming should support landscape and portrait video to avoid problems with supporting.

    Media streaming is a trendy tool used in many areas today. Make your live streaming experience great both for you and your viewers by applying the right functionality to the streaming app. If you need a qualified assistance in media streaming software development, Exposit is always ready to help.