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    Work with data using AI: media processing, Big Data analytics and personalization

    What is important today is not the information you have, but its proper use and analytics. Every day we get a huge flow of information that needs to be processed. How AI-driven technologies can make work with data easy, convenient and effective?

    Image Processing

    Artificial Intelligence can classify, segment, detect objects in different pictures using deep learning and computer vision algorithms. These tools help AI to extract features from the multiple image layers. It helps not only in classification of image and its objects but also in describing them. This way AI helps doctors to recognize cancer, improves image search and advertising campaigns.

    Video Processing

    Real-time action recognition is a more complex vision solution. Nowadays machines are taught to understand what is actually happening between the objects. AI learns to detect objects in multi-person video scenes and associate them with their moves. It can help to define further similar actions, players and strategy. Such tool may be useful for sport matches translations or even training teams. AI video processing is helpful in converting Black and White clips into colorful videos. You have only to colorize few key-frames then AI will make the rest of the work.

    Audio Processing

    Compared to other digital media content audio is one of the most complicated for AI to process. The main reason is an abstractness of human perception of sound. AI needs to extract specific features (kind of audio, rhythm, tempo, used instruments) right from the audio to classify audio data. Despite the difficulties neural network usage can help to isolate vocals from stereo. Audio source separation is made by computing a time-frequency transform and using source separation algorithms.


    AI effectively works with global personalization trend. It improves marketing strategies and helps to produce relevant content. AI uses historical data to provide segmentation dividing audience into groups. It can also predict whether your marketing campaigns will be successful for every single segment. Cognitive components provided by deep learning algorithms form the best marketing solutions for business. Artificial Intelligence is also a great tool for matchmaking considering various objects’ criteria plus historical data.

    Big Data Analytics

    Today Enterprises use Big Data Analytics to improve marketing, sales and communication. But still AI and Big Data depend on each other. AI requires large amount of data to train algorithms while Big Data needs AI for simple information processing and advanced analytics. Big Data processing relies mostly on pattern recognition. AI identifies meaningful patterns by means of machine learning. It can provide predictive analysis based on pre-known conditions.

    Artificial Intelligence completely transforms data processing, search, personalization and analytics. If you want to simplify data processing using AI, we would like to hear from you. Exposit embeds AI solutions across Marketing & Advertising, Retail & Distribution, eCommerce, eLearning and other industries.