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    Matchmaking via Artificial Intelligence: areas to implement recommendations’ mechanism

    AI-powered solutions bring hyper personalization into digital experience. Matchmaking functionality relies on Deep Learning algorithms. It provides advanced data search and analysis connecting the closest objects. AI can weigh more than one hundred criteria plus historical data to provide a right decision for your business, hobby or soul.

    Which areas is AI optimal matchmaking useful for?

    • Dating
      AI-driven platforms can help you to find love in the digital age. Dating apps became popular because they save your time on searching people with the same interests. Dating apps often become subject-matter of the inhumanity disputes. AI algorithms rely on psychological facts and your personal preferences. They can analyze the past behavior and compare how it suits the probable partner.
    • Recruiting
      Semantic search tools and predictive algorithms make candidate search journey simple and efficient. While searching for a partner you need to create a measurable element represented by a bunch of features. Combination of Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing can create a psychological profile of the perfect candidate. Artificial Intelligence can analyze data from the words used in CV to psycho-emotional traits and mood of social media posts.
    • Marketing
      Any kind of marketing relates to matchmaking as its goal is to attract relevant customers to a business. AI may help to improve your content strategy by analyzing what content do you need to target in particular categories. Content suggestions help you to understand whether a certain topic is interesting for your audience. It can also provide AI-powered SEO recommendations making your media content more searchable.
    • Design
      AI can match customers’ taste and simplify design solutions be it interior, clothes or whatever design. Intuitive visualization tools can calculate a perfect style for you. Such solutions often invite users to answer several questions briefly when they come to the app for the first time. Combination of AI and AR can bring buying experience to the next level.
    • Shopping
      AI matchmaking improves shopping experience. Digital marketplaces use AI-driven tools to make strong connections between sellers and clients. You can find your perfect car thanks to personalized recommendations based on shoppers’ lifestyle preferences. AI uses collected data for improvement of the recommendation mechanism.
    • Business
      AI-powered platforms are useful for business development. Matchmaking can be put around other Machine Learning features building strong business connections. It can help startups meet venture capitalists to fundraise faster. Such platforms speed up the initial research into potential investors. This way founders can make the most of their time and close their funding rounds faster. AI matchmaking can be a great assistant in organization of events. It can suggest catering, staff and people worth to be invited to make your business lunch productive.

    Matchmaking functionality is used in various areas of business and private life

    AI improves matchmaking and data search by creating contextual vectors matching strings and concepts. If you need to implement a matchmaking algorithm for your idea – Exposit can create a powerful AI-driven software for you.