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    Web development trends: how to stay ahead in 2022

    The year 2022 will continue to be characterized by digital transformation and rapid development of technologies: according to Statista, around half of the surveyed companies state that they want to differentiate themselves from competitors with their planned digital investments, including the development of trendy web applications.

    Today, companies invest huge amounts of money in updating their websites in order to gain a leading position in the industry and boost the interest of their clients. For this reason, decision-makers need to carefully monitor the needs of their customers and adjust their business strategy according to new web technology trends.

    What trends should you consider for creating the most sought-after web solutions in 2022?

    Trend tracking has always been an essential component in creating competitive software that allows our clients to achieve the main goals in their business strategy.

    “Our team carefully monitors trends in software development in order to primarily offer our customers the best service and remain competitive in a rapidly changing market. 

    We don’t try to teach our clients how to run their business but, as a technology partner, our team can tell you what innovation trends you can apply. For example, our specialists can help with the implementation of Computer Vision elements in an online retail project or explain how Gamification will help companies in the process of hiring new employees.” 

    Darya Ramanenka, Head of Marketing at Exposit 

    Our specialists from Marketing, Research & Development, and Web Development departments have analyzed our experience and studied statistical reports to provide you with key points about the trends in web application development. So, what web trends should you pay attention to?

    • Serverless
      Serverless is one of the main web development trends for 2022 that allows developers to build and run applications without managing servers. It eliminates the need to deal with infrastructure management issues, including the allocation of servers or clusters, the necessary resources, and the installation of fixes and maintenance of the operating system.There are still servers in serverless, but they are distracted from the platform development procedures. This way, you will be allowed to get more flexibility and optimize costs.
    • Containers
      Due to the growing popularity of the serverless, the use of containers will also be in high demand: Gartner predicts that by 2022, more than 75% of global organizations will be running containerized applications in production, up from less than 30% today.A container is a standard software unit that is used to pack an application with all the dependencies necessary for its operation: the application code, system tools, libraries, and settings.Containers are the perfect solution for your web system: they are characterized by lightness, speed, and the ability to work at a high level of abstraction. These advantages allow you to reduce the operating costs associated with the development and operation of applications, which makes container-based solutions attractive for business.
    • Artificial Intelligence and chatbots
      AI-driven apps have been one of the main development trends during the last few years. In 2022, the use of Artificial Intelligence will become particularly important for the development of web products.AI will help you expand the capabilities of your web application and allow you to get analytical data improving your portal and the services or products that you offer.The technology also allows you to use chatbots that communicate with customers 24/7 and help them navigate the page. This interaction will give your visitor a new experience and improve their loyalty to your site.This technology is especially often used by banks, healthcare providers, online stores, and other industries where customer orientation is important.

    “Based on requests from our customers, we expect that in 2022 there will be a great demand for CV, VR, and ML. We also recommend paying attention to Artificial Intelligence, which, thanks to analytics and chatbots, can help our clients promote their sites or expand the functionality of their systems. 

    One of the trends in web application development in 2022 will be PWA. Thanks to this technology, your visitors will be able to view content on a mobile phone, while the download speed will remain. 

    In addition, it is expected that in 2022 many companies will switch to the cloud architecture, allowing to reduce the budget for servers, technical support and make the servers more flexible and adapted. 

    JavaScript language family will remain prevailing programming languages for web applications in 2022, but the use of WebAssembly will allow programmers to write code using any programming language.” 

    Aliaksei Zhyuliuk, Sales Manager at Exposit 

    • PWA
      PWAs are progressive web applications that allow your visitors to open a website using a mobile browser and adapt the content to the size of the phone. Such applications bring more convenience to users while maintaining a high page loading speed.The concept of the Progressive Web App was introduced in 2007 by Steve Jobs, so the idea of placing the focus on the experience of mobile users is not a new invention. However, this is definitely a buzzword that you will hear in the next few years.Companies that will start using this technology in 2022 will be able to attract more new users and provide them with safe and convenient access to the content of the site, regardless of the location of their customers. This moment is especially important now when the world is beginning to gain momentum and people are starting to travel.
    • WebAssembly
      WebAssembly is one of the most discussed trends of 2022, which can bring you a number of advantages for developing web applications.Developers usually use JavaScript to write web systems, but the complexity of the content affects the speed of the platform. Delays in loading content negatively affect customer satisfaction and hinder the promotion of your business.To solve this problem, developers can use a web assembly that allows them to write code using any programming language. Such code is compiled into bytecode, which is subsequently run using the browser.Thus, with the help of WebAssembly, you can get a higher speed and thereby improve the overall user interface.

    “I assume that in 2022, the number of requests for web application development will only increase: employees of many companies will continue to work remotely, taking care of the safety of their health. Our team, in turn, will also pay increased attention to data security, providing users with reliable ways to interact with web platforms. 

    If we talk about the development of the frontend part of the web application, I can say that in 2022 all attention will be focused on React, Angular, and Vue.js. Each of them occupies its own market, but I believe that Vue.js will gain much more popularity. 

    To develop the backend part, engineers will continue to use Java and will begin to revive Python, which is especially used for ML technologies. Golang will also be widely used in DevOps. 

    It should also be noted that at the moment, special attention is paid to Integrations. A good example of such a partnership is the cooperation between Google and Miro. This trend suggests that in 2022 there will be a demand for SDK development and integration of one SDK into another one.” 

    Aliaksandr Kot, Chief Commercial Officer at Exposit

    Fast, smart, and mobile-friendly websites in 2022

    In 2022, we expect to see fast, smart, and mobile-friendly websites that use serverless and containers and apply WebAssembly and a set of PWA technologies. All these trends will contribute to enriching the user experience and raising the authority of your platform.

    Exposit web developers are always ready to help you create complex web solutions and continuously track the latest industry trends to deliver marketable apps for your business.

    Our team will be happy to implement a quality web product corresponding to modern needs. Contact us to discuss your idea and find the most effective solution for your business.