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    The value of the knowledge-sharing culture in an IT company: our experience

    Many software development companies pay great attention to the culture of sharing knowledge and experience between colleagues. However, what is included in this concept? And why is it important for you as a client?

    How the knowledge-sharing culture works at Exposit

    Building a knowledge-sharing culture is important not only for the growth of employees but also for improving the software development process. The creation of any system requires the interaction of diverse experts. That is why, in order to create high-quality products, these specialists should share their experiences.

    The exchange of knowledge is an integral part of Exposit’s corporate culture. We pay great attention to improving new ways of sharing useful information in order to increase the efficiency of our employees. This way, we enhance the skills of our colleagues, which ultimately has a positive impact on the outcome of your project.

    Working with Exposit, you get not only a team of several people, but also the knowledge and experience of more than 100 employees accumulated over nine years. So, how can each member of our team contribute to the knowledge-sharing process, and how does it affect the development of your software project?

    • Exposit Professional Library
      In order to help our employees expand their knowledge, we store all books and our colleagues’ notes in the company’s electronic library. Any member of our team can open it at any convenient time and read the material they like.The Exposit professional library is regularly updated so that our employees can find the necessary solution for themselves in the shortest possible time.
    • Meetups
      Our team also strives to develop a culture of internal meetups. Thanks to such meetings, our employees learn more about new trends, as well as get acquainted with the activities of other company departments.For example, not so long, our specialists Artem Khodakov and Kirill Lozovoy explained to us what Big Data is, how it is collected, and why it is so important for businesses.Our colleagues also shared what business tasks can be solved when using ML and demonstrated the features of applying this technology on the example of the Exposit projects.To improve the technical knowledge of our employees, the Exposit team also pays great attention to the development of soft skills.

      For this reason, we organized meetups discussing small talks and invited a psychologist to help our guys understand themselves in more detail and learn how to interact with clients appropriately.

    • Courses and webinars
      Exposit creates favorable conditions for the growth of employees: the company pays 50% of the cost of courses and conferences. This approach encourages employees to learn new materials and helps our guys improve their skills and abilities.After completing courses and attending conferences, our employees are always happy to share acquired knowledge with their colleagues. In order to convey new information in detail, our team members organize meetups, present their findings at meetings, and provide useful information in general chats.
    • Mentorship
      Our company aims to ensure that all employees are assigned mentors who can speed up the education time of our employees and are always ready to help in solving difficult situations.If there are any complicated issues, our employees also can ask for help from their colleagues and discuss problems at a meeting, drinking tea in the kitchen, or chatting a message.None of the guys ever refuses to help and are always ready to meet their colleagues halfway, share the necessary literature and their opinion about the studied material.
    • Bootcamps
      Exposit is always open to talented people: almost every year, we organize Bootcamps and share our experience and accumulated knowledge with people who want to start their carrier in the IT industry.In order to become trainees of our Bootcamps, candidates should go through several steps of the selection. Our team of professionals checks the guys’ technical proficiency, their knowledge of English, and their soft skills.For example, this week will be the last stage of our Summer Bootcamp focused on three directions – QA, Java, and Front-end. In total, before the start, we got more than 270 submitted applications, but, eventually, we have selected only 25 candidates.Our team always takes a responsible approach to conduct courses for trainees and prepares individual training plans. Each of our specialists can share their knowledge at lectures or take part in the curation of the practical part. After signing contracts with trainees, Bootcamp curators often become mentors of new employees, guiding and helping the guys.

      Bootcamp classes are held in online and offline formats. And upon successful completion of the Bootcamp, all our trainees receive certificates.

    What our company provides?

    At Exposit, we share a culture of value exchange, professional growth, and mentoring to help our employees develop and improve their hard and soft skills.

    Thus, we give our team members the opportunity to gain experience in various fields and assemble for you a team of highly qualified specialists who will be able to provide premium services. If you have additional questions or want to exchange your experience in developing knowledge-sharing culture, feel free to contact us.