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    Retail must-have: how Point of Sale can improve your sales

    Point of Sale (PoS) systems unite sales, inventory and customer management. The combination of an E-Commerce application and PoS software is becoming the most powerful solution for retail businesses.

    What benefits make a PoS system a must-have for offline retail?

    • Simplifying orders
      PoS allows your customers to make orders directly from the system that is extremely useful in Hospitality industry. It makes processing and preparation of orders faster and easier. When people make orders through PoS systems they can also choose time and place of delivery, add extra notes to their orders and track order’s status. You can also implement a smart search that will help customers surf through catalogue or menu.
    • Payment improvement
      The majority of PoS systems have a great set of payment features supporting online and offline transactions. PoS system may speed up check-out process using barcode scanners and touch screens. This way clients can do payment by themselves getting a printed bill with the total amount. Point of sale marketing integration (PoS) can also provide support for multiple payments in a single transaction.
    • Integrated analytics
      PoS allows you to manage, collect and analyze data directly in the system. Sales data tracking allows to collect data within checkout and display it on the dashboards. Multichannel analytics can process such data as customer preferences and purchase history gathering results in reports. You can also generate reports by yourself, as well as save and edit them. This way you get the most relevant information about your sales that helps you to build effective marketing strategies, predict customers’ behavior and plan your inventory. Pos systems improve retail marketing for your company.
    • Inventory and staff management
      Implemented management tools automate sales and make internal management much easier. Staff can track stock quantities in real-time and manage purchase orders getting the updated information. PoS also gives an opportunity to expand your business as you can easily manage multiple stores using one platform. PoS software has an option of fully-featured offline mode that is automatically turned on in case of losing Internet connection. Thanks to automatic backups and data synchronization you will get the updated information as soon as you will be connected to the Internet.
    • Customer management
      Point of sale technology in retail has a number of features for customer support. Point of sale solution (PoS) has a capability of creating user profiles that can collect purchase history and maintain personal data. Once your customer has created an account in the system there will be no need to fill name, surname, credit number every single purchase. It helps to implement loyalty programs and customer rewards programs that will give discounts to customer according to purchases made. Customers’ profiles are also helpful for marketing as a business owner can see the behavior of the clients and understand the target audience better. Systems should respect privacy and work in accordance with GDPR.
    • Cross-platform access
      PoS systems are usually compatible with iOS and Android mobile devices, self-service kiosks, PoS terminals and other peripheral devices. Payment devices like card readers and cash drawers can also work in integration with PoS. Dynamic hardware configuration provides multichannel sales activities accessible both for your customers and your staff.

    PoS systems are designed to improve business processes in various sectors including Grocery and Markets, Apparel, Restaurants, Hotels, Travel agencies, Housekeeping, Airlines, Campus administration, Bookstores, Sports, Entertainment and other. Remember that PoS software should suit your business and meet its specific industry needs. If you need to develop quality PoS software and implement an effective set of features in your system, Exposit engineers are always ready to help you.