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We develop feature-rich Retail solutions that connect online and in-store platforms to unify commerce inside your business and increase sales.

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Apps areas

Retail applications can reshape buying and selling processes in Grocery, Restaurants, Markets, Fashion and Apparel, Interior Design, Travel and Hospitality, Charity, Online Auctions, Education, Sports & Healthcare, Transportation, Carsharing, Agriculture and more.

Challenges faced:
Multichannel sales management;
Information overload;
Quality service of entire customer flow;
Sales data gathering and analytics;
Poor app performance;
Automation of integrated inventory and staff management;
Customization of the system meeting needs of a retailer.

Features your platform needs

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Marketing tracking tools

Big Data analytics, sales data processing, real time statistics monitoring and visualization for making effective marketing campaigns.

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High level of usability

Customized responsive design with easy navigation and smart search with recommendations’ mechanism to help your customers quickly find what they want.

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Customer service

Integrated loyalty programs and promotion systems, built-in chat and virtual assistants to stay connected with your customers 24/7.

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Integration with payment systems

Mobile wallets support, biometric authentication for one-step checkout, encryption of payment information and transactions to make payments simple and secure.

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Warehouse management

Tracking stock quantities in real-time, managing purchase orders, catalog view, staff check-in/check-out, 24/7 access to Help Center.

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PoS integration

Self-hosted PoS systems combining e-commerce and management features to shorten customer transaction cycle and scale your business.

Technologies used:
E-Commerce platforms:

Hybris, Magento, Laravel, WooCommerce, Salesforce

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