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    Point of Care software solutions: a new level of providing Healthcare services

    While Point of Sale is conquering the Retail market, Point of Care (PoC) platforms are just starting to gain the trust of the international Healthcare community. What is actually a PoC platform?

    Point of Care is a powerful combination of software and hardware designed to help care providers deal with administrative tasks, rapid diagnostics, medical records storage and transmission. Point of Care platforms are often confused with Point of Care Testing (POCT) that allows running medical tests and get rapid diagnostics. POCT can include glucose monitoring, lateral flow assays, immunoassays and more. However, POCT devices can be integrated into the Point of Care system providing real-time updates on important health indicators.

    What benefits can you get by implementing the Point of Care solution into the Healthcare industry?

    • Automation of administration processes
      Point of Care can optimize the internal and external hospital administration processes like registration, scheduling, billing and even suggesting the right specialist basing on patients’ health complaints. As PoC can provide a feature of creating and managing profiles by using a unique ID number, patients can easily get access to their health-related data, history of visits, insurance information and more or make an appointment independently.
    • Interoperability
      The Point of Care platforms can improve interoperability between patient and healthcare providers as well as between different hospital departments and medical centers. Access to the current and historical patient data gives doctors an opportunity to create and share accurate reports with colleagues to help them make more informed decisions. If PoC meets standards of clinical data transfer, patients can directly send information to other organizations requiring medical reports.
    • Patient centricity
      Implementation of the Point of Care platform can systemize hospital workflow, reduce heavy workload and free up the time of medical workers. When doctors are not busy with considerations on how to document and streamline patient information, they can be fully-focused on analyzing patient’s health status and making the right therapy decisions. This way medical specialists deliver quality care and provide patients with human-centered treatment.
    • Rapid diagnostics and recommendations
      Point of Care software can make suggestions on possible diagnosis based on test results and health complaints analysis before a doctor’s appointment. Patients can also get data-driven consultation and recommendations on the treatment of minor illnesses by answering questions about their health state. If symptoms can cause serious disease and require professional medical help, the system will offer to choose the date and time of appointment.
    • Patient support
      Point of Care systems can support patients in doing clinical calculations like body mass index or identifying drug dosing based on the patient’s weight. Patients can also use their personal accounts and historical data to check adherence to taking medication according to their visits and treatment plans. This way they have easy access to treatment support that doesn’t require a direct connection with the doctor.

    Point of Care

    Point of Care is the next step in Healthcare infrastructure development required for service quality improvement and hospital resource optimization. Such platforms can improve your daily treatment and administration processes making them patient-centred and convenient. Learn more about our Healthcare solutions or contact us to discuss the transformation of your vision into valuable software products improving healthcare outcomes.