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    Endless visualization opportunities: where to use Unity 3D technologies

    Unity 3D offers unique opportunities for visualization and users’ engagement across apps for different industries. Where and how can it be used?

    Game development

    Unity 3D is a powerful 3D engine that is widely used in the field of video game development. Around half of all game developers use Unity 3D because it offers a bunch of useful tools for video game development, including a variety of add-ons and features. The engine operates very well from simple games to complex ones.

    Unity 3D has a high-performance physics engine that allows developers to receive high-quality results and create realistic gameplay. Exposit developers have used Unity to create an arcade game called Chicken Busters where you perform a clean-up task being a chicken hunter.

    Unity 3D provides access to Unity’s Asset Store full of extensions that help to speed up the development process. The store has a large collection of tools that can be especially useful if you want to make complex games. The tools make it easier for developers to focus on creating complicated functionality instead of wasting time on easy-to-solve problems.


    Unity allows manufacturers to cut costs and increase efficiency by replacing physical prototypes with virtual 3D models. It can help you to prevent possible problems and save time for testing and correcting mistakes. The creation of digital models can increase your sales as it offers you various ways of promotion in digital space. You can also use 3D models for personalization of customer experience giving your clients the opportunity to customize a product in real-time.

    Unity 3D visualization is a great solution for designing engaging sites, catalogs and portfolios for your brand. It can help you to implement new marketing strategies and attract your potential customers more effectively. You can visualize specific features to show a clear example of how your product or service can solve a problem your audience may have.


    If you want to take a virtual tour across a new building, Unity 3D can definitely make it happen. Interactive visualization can help you and your customers easily make decisions on the construction and quickly determine the possible pain points of the future building. You can also create an interior, furniture and other details using Unity and AR.


    3D visualization can help to improve education in various industries including Healthcare and Life Sciences. Training during the studies and work can be simpler with real-time 3D and AR. You can simulate various conditions and scenarios providing a learner with interactive valuable experiences.

    You can use 3D visualization for educating people of any age and in any form of learning. For example, Unity 3D technology can be used for creating surgery simulation to train medical students and workers. But it is also helpful in e-books for children giving them a visual representation of natural or physical phenomena. Such an approach contributes to quick and effective learning.

    Unity 3D

    Unity 3D can give your customers a unique and interactive visualization experience helping you to achieve better results in work, studies and design. You can also create realistic games and AR solutions for people of any age and interests. If you want to develop Unity 3D software solution for your business, Exposit Unity developers are always ready to help.