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    Software development and visualization using Unity HDRP

    Today, with the help of modern technologies, we can easily plunge into the virtual world of games, become a spectator of a car demonstration, and study the architecture of buildings in detail.  While developing such projects, we pay attention to special technologies to obtain high-quality graphics and improve the user experience.

    In order to implement all your creative plans and develop outstanding visual products, Unity offers to use High Definition Render Pipeline (HDRP) tools.

    In this article, together with our Unity Engineer Andrey Urbanovich, we explain the peculiarities of using Unity HDRP to help you transform your audacious ideas.

    What is Unity HDRP?

    Unity HDRP is a technology tailor-made for developing high-fidelity applications for high-performance platforms such as PC, Xbox, and PlayStation. It provides a wide variety of tools for obtaining high-resolution graphics or getting closer to photorealism, transmitting all the detailed visual elements.

    When using HDRP, the standard flow of working with graphics, lighting, post-processing, and other visual elements of Unity changes completely. It means that you need to pay much more attention to optimizing all parts of the project to achieve a good result. What should you know to succeed?

    HDRP is built on the premise of physically based rendering that helps to get a realistic result. This effect is achieved due to the fact that all objects in the scene receive the same lighting, and material correctly interacts with the lighting created by any source.

    HDRP also supports both Forward and Deferred rendering paths. However, unlike other product development processes, applying HDRP will allow you to use the same set of graphics features regardless of the rendering path you choose.

    This approach means that the rendering path you select will not limit your choice of graphics features, and you can choose the rendering path based only on your performance requirements.

    What are the Benefits of Using HDRP?

    Unity HDRP provides a number of advantages that help you create a product that meets all modern needs:

    • High-quality visuals
      HDRP is able to ensure high-quality products from the very beginning of the development process. It gives you the opportunity to implement all your creative ideas and quickly get the desired result.
    • Realistic lighting
      Unity HDRP provides all the necessary tools to make the lighting unified and coherent. It means that the visual part of your product will reflect the parameters of the real world, which, in turn, will heighten user interest in your product.
    • Various effects
      HDRP allows you to use Shader Graph and Visual Effect Graph tools that help you easily author shaders by building them visually and create beautiful visual effects.
      This functionality allows you to increase the involvement of customers in the created context and give them an unforgettable experience of using the product.

    All these benefits provided by Unity HDRP allow you to create successful products that can relate to a wide variety of industries including Games, Design, Retail, Architecture.

    The VR reconstruction of the synagogue using Unity HDRP

    A good example of implementing HDRP tools is a VR reconstruction of the Great Synagogue of Slonim developed by Exposit. The main goal of this project was to achieve the most realistic demonstration of the architectural monument while maintaining high-quality graphics.

    With the help of Unity HDRP tools, the Exposit team could convey all interior and exterior elements of the building and create effects that allow you to immerse yourself even more in the past, for example, the effect of a full moon, the light of which passes through the window frames and in combination with a small fog creates God rays.

    The achieved realism of the developed solution and the impressed image quality help to create a completely new interactive visualization experience and contribute to the preservation of cultural heritage.

    Thus, Unity DHRP is used to create systems when you need to achieve the most realistic image, develop well-stylized graphics, and demonstrate physically correct lighting. All these effects help you enhance data understanding and increase user engagement.

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