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    Current trends in ITSM: actionable insights from our experience

    IT service management (ITSM) tools make it easy to manage the provision of IT services to customers and improve the performance of IT teams. Events of the last few years have brought companies additional challenges but also opened up new opportunities for organizations to improve such systems.

    Based on the experience of our decision-makers, we have prepared a list of current ITSM trends to help IT leaders gain a competitive advantage and pave their way to success. What are tips and tricks for your ITSM strategy in 2022?

    Top 4 ITSM trends of 2022

    Being in the IT market for more than 9 years, Exposit knows how it is important to find convenient and helpful tools for managing IT processes. IT service management systems allow you to organize seamless product releases, optimize costs, and improve your position in the market.

    We are ready to share our knowledge and provide you with four current ITSM trends that will help you create a convenient and productive working environment to manage and collaborate.

    • AI process automation
      Workflow automation is an important part of IT service management. Developing such an approach helps you optimize the work of your employees and reduce pressure in the workplace.Today, automation is going beyond the rules, embracing Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). Companies are increasingly relying on AI to resolve incidents and make work more productive by providing ease of use and new capabilities.Analyzing a large amount of information, AI and ML free ITSM professionals from routine tasks and help them focus on solving more complex issues.The Exposit team has vast experience in providing IT teams with process automation. For example, our Atlassian experts worked on setting up the workflow in JIRA, including adding new business processes, configuring task types, and integrating with the Solution manager.
    • ITIL 4 Framework
      In order to support the digital transformation, our team recommends you pay attention to the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL). This framework is designed to help organize the work of structural units, companies, and departments involved in the provision of IT services.The new detailed ITIL 4 manual was first published in February 2020, but at that time IT departments did not have the opportunity to deal with its application. In 2022, we will see more service centers that will finally be able to focus on improvements based on ITIL 4.ITIL 4 corresponds to the realities of modern business, offering more flexible approaches than previous versions. The processes in ITIL 4 are flexible, and the end result of each of them can initiate new processes for continuous service improvement.The client is viewed not as a consumer of the service simply receiving the result but as a partner. This helps customers influence the quality and functionality of services.
    • Employee experience
      Today’s focus is on maximizing employee satisfaction. Employee experience is inextricably linked to job performance, which means that better experience increases your business results. With the right approach, improving employee experience will return the investment your organization has made.For example, for managing tasks and working on documents together, we use Atlassian products like JIRA and Confluence. However, while working with these solutions, our employees have had a lot of suggestions to improve the convenience of using these products and to develop additional extensions in accordance with the specifics of the work processes in our company.That is why Exposit decided to implement specific features to make the most of Atlassian software and improve the experience of our team.
    • Enterprise Service Management
      The popularity and success of ITSM have inspired company departments to apply the same practices outside of IT to the entire organization, including facility management, accounting, finance, and human resources. This approach is known as Enterprise Service Management (ESM).Implementing ESM principles gives companies full visibility of service processes through a variety of databases, systems, and software tools, allows them to track all business resources and increases the speed of resolving customer and employee inquiries. ESM solutions also can help you implement continuous monitoring, prioritization, and automation of risk control.

    Towards a successful ITSM

    The events of recent years are forcing IT teams to reorganize their processes. To provide the highest level of the working environment to your teams, you need to rethink the traditional approaches to IT service management. It begins with an active review of routine processes and the needs of your employees, using the ITIL 4 Framework, and implementing new ITSM tools and ESM solutions.

    Exposit knows the ITSM from the inside out and is ready to create a software solution addressing your specific needs. We will be happy to help you navigate current ITSM trends and identify which operational changes can lead to measurable improvements for your business. Contact us to stay ahead of the game.